A week full…..


In writing we continued exploring recount. We recounted a trip to Grandpa’s farm and playing by the big tree.

Grammar: we revisited nouns, identifying them in sentences making sentence from a given noun and using them in blether  stations.

Reading: ORT we developed skills of making connections between the book and our own experiences.  PM reading we developed the skills of reading for information.

Rhyme and analogy this week we focused on rhyming sounds op and ay.

Weekly phonic: or.

Numeracy and Maths

In Numeracy we explored odd and even numbers and the numbers before and after, and in between given numbers.

In maths we explored 2D shapes.


We explored how day and night changes with the seasons and how this comes about


We explored colours and seasons this week in French.

Novel study:

We explored the 3 little pigs story and recreated their houses.

A busy week

We have had a very busy week.

We have been enjoying being challenged with our numbers this week and we are now working with numbers to 100. We have been learning some strategies for using our 100 square and working out our answers a lot faster.



In HWB we are continuing to explore what makes us unique because some of us found this a tricky word to say and understand. We liked painting a self portrait, looking in the mirror to help us  and it was great fun mixing the skin colour for our face and neck. We are not quite finished our self portraits but, we are looking forward to seeing them finished and posting them on our Blog page.


We are still having fun exploring Night and Day in our topic work. We discovered that a rotation of the Earth around the Sun causes night and day, a revolution of the earth around the Sun takes 365 days or 366 days in a Leap year. This causes the Seasons.


It also takes around 27 days for the Moon to be seen in all it’s phases. Many of us are enjoying completing our homework sheet andwe have been discussing the fact that on cloudy nights we cannot see the Moon to record on our sheet.

In class we took a little quiet time to do some Cosmic Yoga Kids with Jamie. We really enjoyed her Moon story and we felt so calm when we were doing the yoga.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and enjoy your extra day to celebrate St Andrew’s Day !

Review of the week

This week we continued to research the planets in our Solar System and we made a wall display. We are learning how to take notes as we listen, and this helps us to remember facts.

We used chalk pastels to make these planets pictures. We smudged the colours and used black and white to shade the dark and light sides.

Also on the theme of planets our classroom order arrived and it included these inflatable planets!

In writing we wrote a recount of a trip and in health and well-being we looked at changing emotions and then the rights of the child.

In maths we linked multiplication to division and noticed that a number family has 4 facts. We are still learning how to plot coordinates and draw symmetrical patterns.

Our drama time is all about preparing our mission to Space, and this week we worked in our teams to plan a training programme for astronauts.

Have a great long weekend for St. Andrew’s Day!

P7A Review of the Week 26.11.21

Among this week’s highlights for P7A were making story cubes for the P1s, creating rainforest animals out of clay and our Prefect Break where superb sporting attitudes were demonstrated by all participants.

What was your best bit of the week?

What are you looking forward to next week?

Weekly Review – W/B 22nd November

What a great week….

-We have been learning about the animals which live in the emergent layer in the amazon rainforest. We made creative posters to display our knowledge.

-We drew animals using tutorial videos to add to our rainforest display.

-We continued to learn about multiplication. We looked at three written strategies to support with this.

-We though about the important relationships in our lives and the importance of keeping connected to the important people in our lives.

What have you enjoyed this week and why?

Highlights of our Week by P7

Here are some of our highlights of the week as sketched by P7B:

We were also rewarded with a Prefect Break where we enjoyed mixing with our peers. We enjoyed table tennis, advent crafts, Just Dance, a Kahoot quiz and some free time on the iPads. Thank you for your continued hard work Primary 7!

P7B Rainforest Work

Primary 7B have been learning about the various tribes that live in the Amazon rainforest. We have been carrying out research to write diaries through the eyes of a child living in the rainforest and we are going to write our final information report on our choice of rainforest tribe.

We have particularly enjoyed creating these beautiful pictures of Kayopo tribe children and used a range of cutting techniques and materials. We have been amazed with the results.

Book week

During book week we looked at the story The Last Wolf and discussed the effects of deforestation. We worked with p6/7 to create some art which showed the last forest surrounded by concrete and buildings. We enjoyed the story but thought it was quite sad that humans had destroyed the natural environment and the creatures who lived there.

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