A busy week

We have had a very busy week.

We have been enjoying being challenged with our numbers this week and we are now working with numbers to 100. We have been learning some strategies for using our 100 square and working out our answers a lot faster.



In HWB we are continuing to explore what makes us unique because some of us found this a tricky word to say and understand. We liked painting a self portrait, looking in the mirror to help us  and it was great fun mixing the skin colour for our face and neck. We are not quite finished our self portraits but, we are looking forward to seeing them finished and posting them on our Blog page.


We are still having fun exploring Night and Day in our topic work. We discovered that a rotation of the Earth around the Sun causes night and day, a revolution of the earth around the Sun takes 365 days or 366 days in a Leap year. This causes the Seasons.


It also takes around 27 days for the Moon to be seen in all it’s phases. Many of us are enjoying completing our homework sheet andwe have been discussing the fact that on cloudy nights we cannot see the Moon to record on our sheet.

In class we took a little quiet time to do some Cosmic Yoga Kids with Jamie. We really enjoyed her Moon story and we felt so calm when we were doing the yoga.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and enjoy your extra day to celebrate St Andrew’s Day !

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