Year of the Tiger. πŸ…







On the 1st February it is Chinese New Year. The year 2022 is represented by the tiger. Last year was the year of the ox.

Can you find out what animal will be represented in 2023 ?

What animal represented the year you were born in ?


In class we were so excited about using the iPads to explore Chinese New Year through Numeracy and Reading. It was so strange not having to wait our turn on the Smartboard because we all had our own iPad to work on. This meant we could work at our own pace and a little faster.

Although we have really had fun drawing on the iPad we felt very grown up when we did ordering, sequencing and reading real facts about the Chinese New Year festival.

We say goodbye to the year of the ox today and we look forward to greeting the year of the tiger tomorrow. πŸ…


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 🐲

We have also been working very hard on our Scottish theme and we are really looking forward to sharing our learning with you on Scottish Afternoon on the 3rd of February.

A Scottish week

We have been exploring Scotland this week.

We have also been learning our Scots poems and working hard at adding actions and gestures because most of us know the words off by heart now.

We designed some tartan and we will keep working on this. We will share these photos with you in the whole school Scottish Afternoon video.

We have been learning about symmetry in Maths and have had so much fun with the interactive games on the Smartboard. These games have helped us with the language and they have also given us a deeper understanding about symmetry.

We are exploring some Scots words for animals and it has been fun trying to say these to our partners.

We have been reading our non-fiction books in class and we are now becoming quite skilled at reading about real facts and then talking about them in our groups. We are not finding reading non-fiction texts as challenging as we did at first.

A braw week

Another week come and gone, with lots of learning.


Each PM reading group had a task tying in with their book.
One group’s book explored different houses and homes; they then built their own den home.

Another group’s book explored homes and the layouts and designs; they then designed their own homes.

The next group used iPads and notes to recreate their book Look at Me.


We continued exploring symmetry, making symmetrical pictures and exploring lines of symmetry.

We recapped using bridging and number lines with addition and subtraction


This week we further explored Scot’s language, landmarks of Scotland and facts of Scotland. We rounded this off making tartan using card and thread.



We are continuing with narrative and learnt how to plan a narrative text piece.

Wishing you a happy and fun filled weekend.


Welcome back πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

What an exciting week we have had. Β It has been lovely to hear about Β the holidays and see all the smiles.

We explored New Year traditions, making resolutions, reviewing the previous year and re-enacted the bells.


We explored shape and symmetry this week.


We revisited addition with missing numbers, we used counters, played daily 10 and engaged with problem solving. We also reviewed Β the two times table.


We practised finding the main idea from our books. We then undertook challenges related to the main idea of our books.


This month we are exploring Scots. We have explored poems, Scots words and stories. Β We have been Β very enthusiastic with this topic and have been laughing a lot.

Have a safe and happy weekend. πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸΌ


Happy New Year !

Happy New Year !

in P2 we have been working very hard to learn a Scots poem. Both poems are by JK Annand. One is called,” Mince and tatties” and the other one is,” The snawman.”

We have to choose one of the poems and try to learn as much of it as we can.

We also spent a lot of time trying to translate the Scots words into English so that we could understand the poems.

Next week we will work on pace, clarity, expression and gestures when we are saying our poems.

We also listened to a story about Bea and Brodie that is set in Scotland. Some of the words were in Scots so, we enjoyed trying to work out their meanings in English.

In Numeracy we have been focusing on addition and for MSHD we spent some time handling 3D shapes and chatting about their properties. We have also started to look at symmetry and we have played some fun games to help us to learn about symmetry.

We also made some New Year’s Resolutions to try to start or improve on something in 2022.

A hard working first week back, P2. Well done!