Autumn Leaves

In P1 we have been talking about the changes that are beginning  to happen around us. Changes  in the weather and to the trees that are signs of autumn. We painted these autumn trees by applying a wash for the background with watery paint, then we used our brush to paint the trunk and branches of the trees. Finally we painted the leaves using our fingers.


It’s all about number 9

This week in P1 we are focussing on the number 9. We are learning to form number 9 correctly using our rhyme and thinking about where it sits in the number line, which number comes after 9 and before 9, 1 more than 9 and 1 less than 9.

Today we were counting out 9 cubes and using our nine cubes in different ways.

  As a chair

  As a bridge

  As a chair  and table


 As a bed

g for goose

Michael’s bag was full of things beginning with our new sound “g”, green grass, gorilla, goat, Goldilocks. Mrs Collins told us a story about a goose that laid golden eggs. We then made our own goose to take home to help us learn the “g” sound.






Making An Appreciation Station in P2/1

We’ve had another busy week in P2/1. In health and wellbeing we’re continuing to talk lots about being positive in uncertain times and also about being kind to each other. In circle time we made an ‘Appreciation Station’ where we said nice things about our friends. We talked about how we feel when we are kind and when people are kind to us.

We’ve used all the techniques we’ve learned the last few weeks to paint stickman for a school display. We used thick brushes for the background, a thinner brush for the stickman and a black pen for the finer details.

In phonics this week we’ve learned the sounds m and d. Primary One are doing a fantastic job using their cutting skills to cut out the letters for their craft activities. They are also getting more confident blending and building words with the sounds we know so far. In numeracy we’re continuing with numbers to ten, doing lots of formation practise and looking at different ways of showing the numbers, for example using our fingers or numicon.

We’ve had a couple of birthdays in P2/1 this week and have all enjoyed a birthday dance and making cakes and presents with playdough!

Number Formation

In Primary 1 we have been continuing to work hard on writing our  numbers. We have been using our rhymes to help us form numbers 8   and 9……

Make a s and do not wait when you get back you’ve made an 8!

Curly c then a line that’s how you make a number 9!