Bee-autiful bees! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

Thank you so much for the bee-autiful plant pot! It was a lovely choice. As you have included all of your names on it I will always think of you as my busy, worker bees! 🐝 🐝🐝🐝🐝

I look forward to spending the voucher and tending to my new pepper plant. Hopefully I can add them to my salads over the summer.

I will miss you all. Good luck for your future learning journey.

Have a lovely and well earned holiday!

From : Miss Finlayson


Hooray !! Happy Beltane to everyone!

We had the most amazing Beltane lunch yesterday. Thank you so much to the kitchen staff and all of the servers. We had so much fun!

We enjoyed the music from members of the Silver Band and it was lovely to see all the visitors on the top table.

We wore our Beltane rosettes that we made with pride and the best part was getting to take them home to show them off to everyone!


Push, push, push little seed 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿

Gently releasing our baby butterflies.




We waved goodbye to our painted lady butterflies.

Group Maths and solving Problems.



We made some Beltane decorations.


Push, push, push little seedβ€¦β€¦β€¦πŸŒΏπŸŒΏπŸŒΏπŸŒΏπŸŒΏ





We learned how to use bandages in First Aid. Thank you so much to Miss Muir and her assistant for helping us to do this.

We still need a little practice………..

Flutter by butterflies! πŸ¦‹ πŸ¦‹

Hanging around at the chrysalis stage.



Preparing to fly ………..

Wow, our butterflies turned into huge painted lady varieties.

All of the caterpillars survived and developed into the most beautiful butterflies.

We released Β them at our Queen’s Jubilee afternoon ! Β What a lovely way to end our celebrations ! πŸ¦‹ πŸ¦‹