Welcome back

I hope you have all had a lovely break and a great first week back.

We have had a great week.

On Tuesday it was the ‘twosday’ so we had lots of fun exploring the number 2 and 22, and engaging with related challenges. We balanced for 22 seconds, we recorded how many of a task we could do in 22 seconds, we found things that always came in 2’s and had lots of laughter and fun in the process.

In numeracy we have continued exploring subtraction. We have used tens and units, counting on and back, breaking up the numbers and our knowledge of doubles to support us.

In maths we have began to explore money. We can identify coins, recognise prices from 1 to 50p, we can make a given amount with the correct coins and add money together.

In writing we recapped the key aspects of narrative writing; the orientation, the complication and the resolution. We shall be planning and writing our own narrative over the next few weeks.

We have started practising some joined handwriting beginning with a followed by another letter.

In spelling we investigated the sound nk with real and nonsense words, writing outside and completing swirl challenge.



Our topic this term is water. We have learnt about it’s importance for our bodies, health and our environment. We investigated  how water comes in 3 states solid, liquid and gas.

Health and Wellbeing

We are learning about SHANARRI and it’s importance for our wellbeing. This weeks focus was responsible and included. We will be learning what to do to help when we face challenges within theses indicators. This week we made posters about responsible choices and not responsible choices.

In French we looked at weather.

Signing we have explored family this week.

Art – We have made winter pictures with varied media.

Learning our ABC’s !











We have been learning the alphabet and we drew a poster to show the lower case and upper case letters. How many letters are in the alphabet? We will explore alphabetical order next.

In Maths we have been learning about tiling and the importance of very straight sides on our shapes.

We are very proud of the display Mrs Ryalls has created for our Chinese New Year Art. It caused great excitement in the corridor when she was putting it together.

Mrs Little had set us an iPad challenge and we had fun exploring more on the Notes app that we had started a few weeks ago. We took a photo to show what we have been learning about and then we selected the markup tool to add text and drawings to the image. It was challenging at first but, we rose to the challenge beautifully.

We did a little yoga in class and many of us got so chilled out that we almost fell asleep on the floor of our classroom!

In Writing we have been learning about a new style called procedure and we are looking forward to learning more about the structure of procedural writing.

You have worked very hard this week. Well done !

Please bring a book to class on Thursday 3rd March for World Book Day.

While we can’t hug !




We have been very inspired by the art work of Polly Dunbar from the book, “While we can’t hug.”

It was fun learning how she draws her hedgehog and tortoise. We then drew our own characters and because it’s Valentine’s Day on Monday the 14th of February we decided to add some paper hearts. So, although hedgehog and tortoise can’t hug they can still show each other that they are friends.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and have a lovely holiday!

Feeling the blues

An example we used to help us design our willow pattern plates


We have been very busy in class again this week.

One highlight for us was learning about the story of the willow pattern that we see on many dinner plates. We then designed our own willow pattern plates that look good enough to eat our mince and tatties from.

We made sure to include a pagoda, bridge and 2 turtle doves in our designs.

In Numeracy we have been exploring numbers to 100. This week we worked hard at reading the text in our workbooks, working with a learning partner if we got stuck and trying to work out what the tasks were a little more independently.

We have also been working more on feedback when we have completed our tasks and sharing how we reach our answers with our partners. We have really enjoyed this part of our Numeracy sessions.

We have been working on planning and writing our final story in the narrative style. Next week we will explore our stories in more depth through Drama and by sharing them with our friends.

Our Virtual Scottish afternoon was amazing. We have to thank Mrs. McGilp, Mrs Little and the Digital Ambassadors for all of their hard work in putting the video together.

We really enjoyed seeing what everyone had been learning about during the Scottish topic. How do P6 and P7 remember all the words in their poems?

Great Scot !

Another highlight was savouring the Scottie dog shortbread that Mrs Clyde had made specially for us. Mmmm!







Now we are learning to add some text and drawings on our iPads.

Today we explored the Notes App.