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A week full…..


In writing we continued exploring recount. We recounted a trip to Grandpa’s farm and playing by the big tree.

Grammar; we revisited nouns, identifying them in sentences making sentence from a given noun and using them in blether  stations.

Reading; ORT we developed skills of making connections between the book and our own experiences.  PM reading we developed the skills of reading for information.

Rhyme and analogy this week we focused on rhyming sounds op and ay.

Weekly phonic; or.

Numeracy and Maths

In Numeracy we explored odd and even numbers and the numbers before and after, and in between given numbers.

In maths we explored 2D shapes.


We explored how day and night changes with the seasons and how this comes about


We explored colours and seasons this week in French.

Novel study;

We explored the 3 little pigs story and recreated their houses.


Learners immersed themselves in remembrance this week and had great maturity towards it.

We explored poppies, made poppy fields and made a split pin poppy.
We explored medals in the military and designed our own.

Book week

We have been having great fun this week exploring book week.

We  brought in our favourite books to share from home. Can you guess the readers display on our classroom window has created lots of discussion.

Learners redesigned the front cover for their book and created a character description. It was lovely reading a bit of our favourite books to Mrs Smith.

Have fun exploring your book bug bags and reading your favourite tales.


In literacy we have explored character descriptions and increased fluency in our reading.  Our phonic this week was oo and we were very creative in our search for words with oo.

Our recount writing this week was on the book Dad and I went shopping.  We are learning how to structure a recount text.

We further explored verbs this week acting them out and changing tenses.


We have explored 100 squares. Talking about numbers, before, after and in between. We played games and built 100 square jigsaws. We continued 2x table playing bingo, creating groups and singing songs.


We used problem solving skills with volume.

After COP26 the class developed a great interest in reducing our carbon footprint and looking after our world.  We chose 3 class goals to reduce our carbon footprint, and we created poster to share with others.


This week we explored the sun and influence of shadows on day and night. We explored through light, and drawing shadows.

Here we go November


This week we had lots of fun in reading making predictions for our reading books and using a contents page in PM reading. In writing we recounted our Halloween day and all the great fun and costumes we wore.

In grammar we explore verbs, acting these out and finding verbs for different scenarios and characters.

Maths and numeracy.

We began making groups of to support us moving on to times tables next week. We also explored bridging to support us problem solving in addition and subtraction.


This week we explored how we get day and night, and how it is experienced across the world and creates time differences. We really enjoyed exploring this with the globe, torches and mirrors.



This week we had a focus on Bonfire night and staying safe. We read Fireman Fred’s safety story, completed a bonfire listen and colour picture and made fireworks with paint and straws.



We also explore COP26 and it’s importance for our world. The children have shown a great interest in climate change and  our carbon footprint.  They had very interesting ideas and stories to share.



Happy Halloween

What a fast week it has been.
P2 have been very busy

We have started exploring our new Pm reading programme exploring a non fiction book and  what a contents page is.

In writing we have started to explore the text type recount. We recounted an activity we all do, the process of brushing our teeth.


Numeracy and Maths

This week we began exploring the 2 times table, we investigated our knowledge of doubles and counting in two’s to support our understanding. We found  some very catchy songs to help 🎶

In maths  volume was a great hit, filling different containers with water beads. We discussed full, half full and empty alongside how the quantity of ‘cups’ represented the volume of the container.

This term we are exploring day and night. We started discussing what we know about day and night, alongside the differences we see and experience from day and night. Next week we shall begin investigating the process of how day and night happens.


The class had great fun today for Halloween, playing literacy and numeracy game with a Halloween theme, dancing, selfies and crafts. There were amazing costumes today and lots of excitement. I hope you all have an amazing Halloween weekend. Stay safe and have fun.




Numeracy and Maths

This week we have been continuing our addition and subtraction problem solving, with the additional challenge of emoji code cracking to get our sums.

In maths we began exploring weighing, heavier and lighter and non standard units of weighing.


We enjoyed reading with a focus of key words this week and exploring our stories through questions.

We designed our own dragons and wrote a descriptive piece of text on them. Great imagination was shown in creating their own dragons.

Health and well-being

We have continued to explore friendships, what makes a good friend, having lots of different friends and why it’s important. The children then created some of their own rules for good friendships.


Where has another week gone? We had so much fun this week it flew past.

We have had a daily visitor who first appeared during a rhyme lesson so we now call him pleasant the pheasant.


In science we explored the sense of touch. Investigating sense of touch with and without barriers, and then creating in pairs our own texture boards.

We have continued to engage with reading groups, exploring sequencing events of the story. In numeracy we continued addition and subtraction and completed length in measure.

A busy week

This week we started to create our shoe box dragon in line with our novel study, The boy who grew dragons.


We explored our sense of hearing, learning about the ear and how sound-waves are transmitted to information in the brain.  We also explored some basic British Sign Language to understand communication of the deaf.

There was lots of fun to be had measuring with various tools and exploring standard and non standard units of measure.

Busy week in p2

We have had a very busy week in p2.

We have explored designing our own gardens in art and with loose parts in relation to our novel study.






We explored subtraction through games, e.g., snakes and ladders in reverse and using playing cards.





We explored our sense of smell this week in science. Scents we like and don’t like, as well as trying to guess the scent.

We have also been learning about rhyming words, practising our handwriting of focused letters and reading.

This week was our first assembly which the children really enjoyed. They explored resilience and preparation skills of climbers in the olympics and how they can relate to when we are facing challenges.

Well done P2. Have a lovely weekend 🙂

P2 – A busy week

P2 have worked really hard this week and explored a lot. Our loose parts have been particulaly popular this week and used with great creativity.

We began our novel study on the book ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’ by Andy Shepherd. We discussed the pros and cons of having a pet dragon and had a vote on whether we would like to have one as a pet or not. We also designed our own dragon.

Numeracy; We have explored addition with different strategies to support working out. Learners are using Daily 10 each day to support mental agility, which has been engaged with very positively.

Literacy; P2 have enjoyed playing games to revisit their phonics and participated in small reading sessions.

I was very proud of the learning and effort put in to this weeks focus of being encouraging and supporting our class mates. They came up with super phrases for us to use within the class and to use with ourselves to support perseverance.


Fun with loose partsBefore finishing up for today we recapped our week and realised we have all been extremely hard working with our learning.

Well done Primary 2.