A week full…..


In writing we continued exploring recount. We recounted a trip to Grandpa’s farm and playing by the big tree.

Grammar: we revisited nouns, identifying them in sentences, making sentence from a given noun and using them in blether stations.

Reading: ORT we developed skills of making connections between the book and our own experiences.  PM reading we developed the skills of reading for information.

Rhyme and analogy this week we focused on rhyming sounds op and ay.

Weekly phonic: or.

Numeracy and Maths

In Numeracy we explored odd and even numbers and the numbers before and after, and in between given numbers.

In maths we explored 2D shapes.


We explored how day and night changes with the seasons and how this comes about


We explored colours and seasons this week in French.

Novel study:

We explored the 3 little pigs story and recreated their houses.

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