2019 – term 3

Welcome back everyone! We are all pleased to be back at ELC and we welcome some new boys and girls this term too!

This term we are going to be learning about, rhyming words and patterns. We are going to do this through talking about Scotland and learning a Scottish rhyme.


We will also be learning about foods which are healthy and unhealthy and recycling.



Christmas fun!

We were so busy in December! We did lots of Christmas crafts, decorated our Christmas tree, performed our nativity show, made cards and gifts to take home, had lots of visits from Elf on the shelf and had a party with a special visitor!


Primary One Scottish Celebration

Primary One Scottish Celebration

Every January we look at some songs and poetry written in Scots language for a whole school celebration later in the month. Each class holds a competition to choose one winner who will recite their poem at this event.

Primary One are invited to try to learn either the Jack and Jill poem or at least one verse of the Katie Bairdie song to perform to the class the week beginning 21st January (although they can do both). We will be learning and rehearsing these in class but you may wish to practise at home too.  Entering the competition is voluntary but we would all like to be able to sing the song together.

Please see the words to our song and poem below:

Katie Bairdie (Traditional)

Katie Bairdie had a coo,

Black and white aboot the mou.

Wasnae that a dainty coo?

Dance Katie Bairdie.



Diddley di del diddle dum (x3)

Dance Katie Bairdie.


Katie Bairdie had a hen,

Toddled but and toddled ben.

Wasnae that a dainty hen?

Dance Katie Bairdie.


Katie Bairdie had a pig,

No she didnae! Aye she did!

Wasnae that a dainty pig?

Dance Katie Bairdie.


Katie Bairdie had a cat,

It would chase both mouse and rat.

Wasnae that a hungry cat?

Dance Katie Bairdie.


Katie Bairdie had a duck,

It would have the best of luck.

Wasnae that a lucky duck?

Dance Katie Bairdie.


Katie had a crocodile,

Havenae seen her in a while…

(snapping crocodile sounds)

Dance Katie Bairdie.


Link to the music for Katie Bairdie: http://www.scottishbooktrust.com/bookbug/bookbug-song-and-rhyme-library/katie-bairdie


Jack and Jill (Anonymous)

Twa wee birdies,
Sittin on a hill,
Ane ca’d Jack,
And anither ca’d Jill.
Flee awa Jack,
Flee awa Jill,
Come back Jack,
Come back Jill.