Welcome back Primary 1!

The children have enjoyed a busy first week back and have been learning about the and l sound.

For o the children made an octopus. The children developed their cutting skills as they cut out a circle for the body, covered it in little os and added eight tentacles!

We took advantage of the lovely autumn leaves and drew detailed leaf pictures to go with our sound.

The children have also been creating their own  characters using leaves from the ground. Have a look at our wonderful display!

Finally, all the children are invited to join us for a Halloween party on Friday 1st November from 8.45-12.50. The children can dress up if they wish and should be ready for some spooky fun!

ELC Stay and Play

In the last week before the holidays we had stay and play sessions where we welcomed parents and carers in to share our ELC learning and experiences.


A huge thank you to all who joined us, the children loved having you in to play!

This is a great opportunity for you to share your childs learning with them, speak to the ELC staff, meet other parents/carers and have a look at their folder and displays in ELC.


We do these stay and play sessions termly so keep an eye out on the board for the next days.


At the moment we are also looking for some parent/carer feedback using our “feedback tree” in the cloakroom – Please add any thoughts or suggestions onto a wooden spoon and hang it on a branch! We love hearing your feedback.

Happy Holidays from Primary 1

We have had a great week revising the sounds we have been learning so far and consolidating our knowledge of numbers to 10. The children were also very excited to receive their first bundle of keywords home and Oxford Reading Tree characters!

We have enjoyed talking about the change in the weather and seasons and we will continue to explore this next term. We worked very hard to make these colourful Autumn wreaths to take home.

Here is a lovely scavenger hunt which you might wish to use on a lovely autumnal walk. Happy holidays everyone!

Primary 1 Phonics

This week we have been learning about the and sound. For each new sound we look through the ‘Magic Bag’ to guess the sound of the day, think about other words that begin with that sound and learn the song and action. We make a related craft and practise our letter formation on whiteboards. We are also starting to use magnetic boards to blend sounds to make simple words.

On Monday we used macaroni to make a shape! The PVA glue was quite messy!

On Wednesday we made print newspaper and then made our own dog to stick over the top. Everyone worked very hard and we were delighted with the end results. Keep it up!