P1 Halloween Party

On Friday we had lots of fun at our Halloween party with our P7 buddies. We played games and took part in a range of Halloween themed activities. We particularly enjoyed counting spiders, pumpkin printing and making tissue ghosts!

Spooky fun!


Spooky fun!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been doing lots of activities to do with Halloween and dressing up!

We have made a Halloween area in our ELC, painted and carved pumpkins, listened and danced to spooky music, went on a spooky Muddy Monday walk and had a fantastic dress up party!




P1 celebrate Outdoor Learning Day

We had a lovely walk all the way round the school grounds this afternoon. We were looking for signs of Autunn and for any animals that might share our environment…but really we just loved having a really good look around the other playgrounds. We especially loved the view from the P7 balcony! (Shh, don’t tell them we sneaked on!). What a gorgeous Autumn day.