Something fishy is going on in P2/3 ! 🐡

Having a great time learning about wax resistance. 


We had a lot of fun learning about wax resistance in Art. This also linked with our Science investigations because we realised that the paint was not running and mixing with the other colours.

This was because the wax crayon is waterproof and we call this process wax resistance.

We had to listen very carefully to our teacher’s instructions to get everything right.

This is part one of our lesson. We are excited to find out what we are going to do with our fish next! 🐠

Have a lovely long weekend everyone!

Spring has sprung!

We have all enjoyed playing outside in the sunshine this week. In PE we had so much fun running around the field and feeling the grass beneath our feet instead of concrete! We have been improving our throwing skills by using the foam javelins. We have some very impressive javelin throwers in our class.

We can wear suncream, sunhats and sunglasses now. It is a good idea to keep our sun hat and sunglasses in our school bag in case we do our learning outdoors.

This week we worked very hard on our Numeracy and Literacy tasks. We also spent some time looking back over our old work and seeing the improvements we have made and talking about our learning with our friends.

We have started to think about our wellbeing and we are  having  discussions with our teacher.  We are all going to complete a Wellbeing Wheel to show how we think we are doing with our learning in school.

As we returned to school on Easter Monday we made some very simple Easter masks.



On Friday we had some very special visitors in our class from Apple. They had a chat with us about our learning on the iPads. They were amazed by the skills we had already learned. They were also impressed with how clear we were at explaining what we had been learning  on the iPads. They took some photographs of our work too.

Happy Easter! 🐥🐣


An Easter egg hunt with a difference….🐣




Cherry blossom eggs. We loved using cotton buds to make the blossom.



Testing, testing….


Everybody’s  water filtration systems worked. Each group managed to rise to the challenge and we can make clean water. Well done!

Happy holidays and Happy Easter everyone! 🐥🐣