more careers week…

This afternoon we welcomed in Aarons mum Leanne to talk to us about being a hairdresser.


She show us different types if scissors she had in her hairdressing bag,  and some other items such as a hairdryer and hair wax.

WE also talked about how to keep safe with scissors and what we do with the scissors in nursery – cut paper only!

A few of the boys and girls get there hair cut by Leanne at her house!

Thanks for coming in Leanne.





A very ‘Animated’ Afternoon!

Primary 1 were delighted to welcome Leon’s Dad Henry to class today. He talked to us all about his career as an animator. We got to see some of the animations he has made and he explained some of the different jobs he gets to do.

We really loved it when he showed us how to make a simple stop-motion animation about a cat. It was very funny and has inspired us to have a go ourselves!

Emergency excitement for P1B!

Today Tom and Evan’s Mum Jo came to tell us all about her job as a paramedic. She showed us some of the equipment she has to take with her when she gets a call out with her team member. We got to try on her helmet and hi-vis vest and she showed us how to put on a bandage.

Then came the really exciting bit…the ambulance! We got to climb inside and have a good look around and then she showed us the lights and siren.

careers week continued…..

yesterday we had Leo’s Dad in to talk about being a vet.


He talked about the different kinds of animals he looks after and has even looked after a Lion when he worked in a different country!

We think we are going to make our own Vets surgery in our home corner after the holidays.

Thank you Mr Gardiner-Roberts!


This afternoon Ms Lea came to talk to us about being a paramedic. She even brought her Ambulance!


She talked to us about why some people would need to go in an ambulance and what are some of the things she does to help people.

She had bandages, hat hard, a special uniform and syringes to show us – she even left some items for us to play with!

We then went outside to have a look inside the ambulance, we got to have a go in the front, lie on the bed in the bag and have a turn of the heart monitor!

Lots of the boys and girls now want to be paramedics no!

Thank you Ms Lea!




Primary 1 – er words

Last week we were learning about the er sound. The class have completed magnetic whiteboard activities, have been reading and writing words containing the er sound and have had opportunities to revise sounds we have learned previously.  The children also enjoyed consolidating their learning through engaging with a range of activities as seen below:

The children had to draw around the cracker template, cut out the cracker shape and decorate it with colourful paper.

The children had a lot of fun creating, watching and performing stories in our finger puppet theatre!

One of our most popular activities this week was drawing and labelling some traffic lights with the words red, amber and green.

Many of the children enjoyed drawing some mermaids under the sea!

Here are some of the words which you can make, say, write and draw:

her, herb, kerb, herd, fern advert, sherbet, person, mermaid, faster, under, over etc.


Haylodge park!

As part of our Muddy Mondays, last Monday we visited Haylodge park. a big thank you to all the parents who came with us to make this walk possible.


We talked a about how to keep ourselves SAFE at the park, and how walking to the park and playing in the play park is a good way to keep HEALTHY and ACTIVE.

Lots more photos and quote in our floorbook, check it out in the ELC cloakroom!


Careers week in ELC

We are looking forward to having a few visitors in ELc this week as part of our Schools careers week.


Today, the morning children welcomed Elis mum Amy in, to talk about her job at the bank of Scotland.

She had a uniform on and talked about bank accounts and different coins and money.

We are going to take this forward next term to look at money and coins.


Thanks Amy!

Careers week off to a fantastic start in P1 with an Advocate, a Doctor and a Vet

Today we welcomed Mr Sutherland (Daniel’s Dad), Dr Hume (Caleb’s Mum) and Mrs Grant (Holly’s Mum) who came to talk to us about their jobs.

Mr Sutherland told us he is a lawyer or advocate and he even dressed Mrs Wilkinson up so she could pretend to be a judge!

Dr Hume is a doctor and she brought her friend Bertie Bones to help explain all about different parts of the body.

Mrs Grant is a vet and she also brought in some friends – her real pets Tess the dog and Jazz the cat.  They were impeccably behaved and very tolerant of all the children – we think they deserved a few house points!

Primary 1 – ou words

This week we have been learning about the ou sound. We have been taking part in a number of teacher-led activities including dictation, magnetic board work and ‘Read, write and draw’ activities. The children have also enjoyed exploring the play activities below:

Match the words to the pictures

Sort the round shapes

Put the ou words in the mouth

Make a kangaroo with a pouch

Suggested ou words to make, say, write or draw:

out, ouch, sour, loud, pout, shout, couch, about, proud, cloud, ground.