Lego habitats

We watched a Newsround report that really gripped our attention last week about saving red squirrels. We were also challenged to building a Lego animal habitat for Red Nose Day. So, we decided to combine the two and design our own Lego habitats for animals.

We spent time constructing the habitats with Lego then we drew a plan of our completed habitats. Finally we labelled our designs.

The labelled designs were used as our plans for writing our procedure. We soon realised how important it was to have neatly labelled drawings.

When we had completed our procedures we did some Peer Assessment and it was interesting to share our work with our partner. This really helps us to improve in our next piece of writing if we discuss our work with a partner.

Then during our iPad session we used the Notes App again. We had great fun taking photos of our habitats and then labelling them or typing up a short summary of how we constructed our designs.

Creating our animal habitats took a lot of time and we had to concentrate hard.

One of the highlights of our week.


Helping our learning partners.

Sharing our ideas with our partners.



Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine! ๐ŸŒž


Ha ha ha Happy Red Nose Day ! ๐Ÿ”ด

Everyone worked very hard today and it was with great hilarity that we marked up photographs of ourselves on the iPads.


We loved wearing red and our class was a vision in scarlet.

We marked up our images on the Notes App and we also enjoyed creating characters on Sketches School. We were able to work independently on our iPads because we are familiar with these Apps now.

If we encountered any issues we were usually able to resolve them by working with our partners.

( We are looking forward to sharing our photos of Red Nose Day when we resolve our technical issues ) We had a laugh at everyone’sย  funny photos after Brunch and we told lots of hilarious jokes.

Happy Red Nose Day everyone ! ๐Ÿ”ด






Welcome Mrs Strathearn

This week we were very industrious making our class video to welcome Mrs Strathearn to Kingsland. We spent a lot of time editing it and deciding if scenes were to be kept in or deleted.

Welcome to Kingsland, Mrs Strathearn.

Rhyme and Analogy

This weekโ€™s words were tricky. They all ended in -ight and we had fun working out where the rhyming words were in ,โ€How to kick start a dragon โ€œ book by Roderick Hunt.

Writing – procedure

Our teacher modelled how to write in the procedure style. We are enjoying adding bullet points and numbers into our writing.


In class our guided reading continues to be non-fiction. We are becoming very skilled at reading photographs and what information they are giving us. We can use the contents page accurately and we are getting better at using the glossary.


It was exciting to use the dotty paper and dotty whiteboards to make tilings. We had to use our ruler to make the lines very straight.

We played Maths games to develop our Maths skills and this also helped us to work better together as a group. This ย was a fun way to explore or number bonds, times tables and dividing skills.


We did some mindfulness yoga and it was very funny when we all became starfish but, then we found it very relaxing and we felt very calm afterwards.



We learned about how molecules make up solids, liquids and gases. We played a game to test whether we knew the difference between how the molecules are packed in solids, liquids and gases. We managed to work this out very quickly and we will keep playing this game to help us to remember the facts.

For a bit of fun we put some tiny water beads in a tray . Cold water was added to the tray and we were amazed by how quickly the beads grew and then they became quite slimy.


During our iPad session we continued to explore the Notes app. Last week we took photos of our sock puppets so this week we swapped iPads and took photos of our learning partners. There were lots of retakes, striking a pose and best of all lots of very happy smiles in our photos. It was great to be active in our learning too when we got to move around the classroom to take our photographs. We had lots of personalisation and choice because we had to choose where we took our photographs and the mischief our sock puppets were getting up to.

Then we typed up text from our teacher modelled procedures and we were very proud of what the documents looked like in the end.

The part we enjoyed the most from this session was when we got to share our work with our friends.



World Book Day fun !๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ“–

We had a lovely week exploring books, joining in on live events like โ€œMatildaโ€ and we really enjoyed hearing Matilda singing her song on a pile of books that moved up and down on the stage.

It has been interesting learning who is behind each book on the bookshelf and finding out what childrenโ€™s books the staff enjoy reading. Mrs McGilp made the bookshelf and we will continue to peek behind the books until we have opened them all. Our challenge will be to remember who is behind each book!

We made dog sock puppets and backgrounds then we had so much fun playing with our puppets. It was amazing to be able to enter into another world and our dogs got up to all sorts of adventures. One of them even had an adventure under the sea!


We are looking forward to spending our ยฃ1 book tokens !

A highlight for many of us was just having the time to explore, share and enjoy the favourite books we had brought in from home.

Mrs Istephan read us a story on Thursday afternoon and it was a real treat having a visitor reading to us. She read us a story about a dog that thinks it is a ballerina. It was very funny!


In Art we looked at Claude Monetโ€™s water lilies watercolours. It was amazing that they were huge panels when we usually think of watercolour paintings as being dainty. He also worked in the Impressionist style where he dabbed on little lines of colour to build up the lilies and the water they were floating on.


We created our own version of the water lilies in the Impressionist style by using felt tipped pens on clay tiles. This also linked in with our recent learning about tiling in Maths.

In Numeracy we have almost completed learning about numbers to 100 but, we will continue to revisit this throughout the year.

We have been exploring thinking skills in Maths and we started off by thinking about the number 8 and how we can make it in many combinations. At first we made random number bonds and drew the picture of the sum using cubes. Then ย we talked about being more systematic and ย writing our sums out in an ordered sequence.

Being systematic in setting out the combinations of number bonds will help us to make sure we have not missed any out and it can help us to see very quickly if we have.

Our iPad session was fun too. We continued to explore the Notes app and this week we photographed our sock puppets then added text around the image to show the materials we need to make them.

As this was our third session using the Notes app most of us were independent and did not need much help from adults. We are also getting much better at helping each other out and being really supportive learning partners.

In P2/3 we had the privilege of having Stephen Graham , who works with the PM Writing and Reading schemes we are using in school. He worked with a reading group and they explored a non-fiction book about trees.



He was amazed by the super readers we have, the lovely manners the group have and by the enthusiasm the children have for reading.

Well done everyone! You have been super role models this week.

Mrs Ryalls has built up the suspense this week and we have been so excited about seeing what her display of our Big Panda and Tiny Dragon by James Norbury would look like. We are so proud of ourselves because it has turned out to be a beautiful display. It is just outside our classroom and it helps us to feel very calm whenever we look at it. Thank you, Mrs Ryalls!



Wow! What a beautiful display, P2/3 !