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Happy Holidays from Primary 1

We have had a great week revising the sounds we have been learning so far and consolidating our knowledge of numbers to 10. The children were also very excited to receive their first bundle of keywords home and Oxford Reading Tree characters!

We have enjoyed talking about the change in the weather and seasons and we will continue to explore this next term. We worked very hard to make these colourful Autumn wreaths to take home.

Here is a lovely scavenger hunt which you might wish to use on a lovely autumnal walk. Happy holidays everyone!

Primary 1 Phonics

This week we have been learning about the and sound. For each new sound we look through the ‘Magic Bag’ to guess the sound of the day, think about other words that begin with that sound and learn the song and action. We make a related craft and practise our letter formation on whiteboards. We are also starting to use magnetic boards to blend sounds to make simple words.

On Monday we used macaroni to make a shape! The PVA glue was quite messy!

On Wednesday we made print newspaper and then made our own dog to stick over the top. Everyone worked very hard and we were delighted with the end results. Keep it up!

Highlights of the week in Primary 1

We asked the children what they have enjoyed most this week:

  • Going outside at break time and at lunch time.
  • Free play with our friends, including playing with the cars and building blocks.
  • We liked hearing the story of Little Red Riding Hood and making a fold-out picture to practise writing the r sound.
  • I liked reading books in the library corner and with the class.
  • I liked visiting our school library.
  • I liked learning the letter h because I like to learn. We drew a picture of Kipper and added some wool for his hair!
  • We met Biff and Chip from our reading books this week.
  • I liked playing maths games with the dice.

Muddy Mondays!

We had our first “Muddy Mondays” on Monday 23rd!

We explored our school grounds using the Mugga, the new path round the back of the school and played in the infant playground!


We then had snack and a story outdoors in our wooded area, and explored!



We found lots of interesting things from the outdoors, and brought some back to have a look at them in our ELC.

Another busy week in Primary 1!

This week we have been learning about the k and sound. We developed our fine motor skills as we concentrated on creating detailed patterns for our kites.

We also practised our cutting skills as we cut around squiggly lines to make an egg. We made the egg yolk by tearing and scrunching up little pieces of paper.

The classes have also been exploring our school as part of our new topic. We worked really hard to produce these fantastic black pen drawings of the building. The children liked walking around our P1 Art Gallery afterwards as they admired their artwork and listened to some relaxing music.

Nursery Rhymes

We have been learning lots about different Nursery Rhymes. In our ELC we have made a Nursery rhyme area, with books, jigsaws, song words and pictures and puppets so support our learning. We have also made some of our own song bags too.

Everyday at our gather times we have been singing different nursery rhymes and sometimes using the smart board to sing them too!

The ELC4 children at computers this week have been drawing pictures of humpty dumpty using the computer programme colour magic.

This week we have also been doing some potato printing with potatoes out our nursery garden to make humpty dumpty pictures!

If anyone has anything Nursery Rhyme related they would like to bring in, we would love to see it!




Following our own interest

The children last week have taken an interest in drawing treasure maps!

We have followed this interest by developing an area with maps, pirate ships, making “treasure” and we might even go on a treasure hunt one day…..

Primary 1 Highlights

We have had another busy week in Primary 1 as we have been learning about the and sound. We have been practising how to write numbers 1-3 and we took part in some ordering and counting activities.

On Thursday we sang some songs about colours and did some finger painting to make rainbow pictures.

We were also very excited to take home our beanstalks which we planted last week. We have learned how to plant seeds in soil and what plants need to grow. Feel free to send in updates on your beanstalk!

Finally, we are looking forward to welcoming families on Thursday 12th September to our Open Afternoon which takes place from 2.45-3.25. See you then!