Autumn fun

We have been having lots of fun learning about Autumn since we have came back from the October holidays!

We have got an Autumn investigation tree in ELC and children have been bringing in things from out in the community to put in it! There is lots of different coloured leaves in the tray too.

We have had some stories at the end of the day about Autumn and the weather too.  We listed to a story about Alfie and Annie, and we watched the story of the enormous  turnip on the smart board too.


At gym, we had the parachute out and we put leaves in the middle. When shook the parachute all together the leaves wen flying up in the air! We also enjoyed some autumn songs, movement and ,music.


Yesterday we had our first “Monday Muddy”. Everyone came in their warm clothes and we spent all our session outdoors exploring the school grounds, having snack outside, using the parachute in the mugga and playing in the leaves! It was great fun! 🙂


Some of the children made a yummy snack of flapjack with Mrs Ramage, it was delicious!



First stay and play 2018/19

This week we have been having our first “stay and play” sessions of the year. These have been a great success and the children have loved sharing their learning with you.

We would love to hear your feedback of these stay and play sessions, there is a whiteboard in the cloakroom for your comments!

Thanks 🙂

Numbers in ELC

” I can recognise numeral in my environment”

We have been seeing if we can recognise numbers in and outside in ELC.

We have been doing this in lots of different ways.

On our sponsored walk we spotted some numbers in the upper school playground.

Having number puzzles and resources out in ELC.

Using numbers when we have been making snack.

We also did a number game at gym. It was base on the game “corners” but instead of running to a picture we had to run to a number one of the ELC team said. We had great fun! The children have asked if we can do this again!