The Kingsland Festival

We’re having a fantastic week in P1 and P2/1 celebrating the Kingsland Festival.

On Monday morning we put up bunting outside and made some bunting for classrooms. We then all worked together to create a giant piece of bubble artwork with bubbles floating from one page to another. In the afternoon we watched our films and had an ice lolly treat!

Yesterday we did a scavenger hunt in the morning. We had to see how many different things we could fit in our little boxes – we all did a great job helping each other!

In the afternoon we played some parachute games and had a picnic in the playground. We finished our wonderful afternoon with some bubbles.

It has been a lovely end to the term – thank you for all of your support and to the children for being such fantastic learners in a tricky year.

Hedgehog Rescue

We had an exciting start to the week this morning.

We were signing with Mrs Ryalls when a hedgehog ran past the classrooms! It then ran to the garden before running back. It was quite confused and zigzagging across the playground.

Mrs McGilp opened the door to check where it was and very nearly stood on it! It had stopped outside the P2/1 classroom door. Mrs Collins scooped it into a box and Mr Collins collected it and contacted the SSPCA.

We had regular updates and later found out the hedgehog is expecting hoglets. Mr Collins released it back to a safer spot in the school boundaries where it can hopefully have its hoglets in peace.

We did some fantastic drawing and recount writing about the hedgehog.

Data handling in P2/1

We’ve had another busy week. We had Mrs Thomson on Monday and we learned the ‘ng’ sound as in sing, ring and finger.

On Tuesday we had great fun at Sports Day. We then wrote about this and drew some lovely pictures on Wednesday.

Also this week we’ve started looking at data handling, learning what a pictogram is and creating our own class pictograms on our favourite flavours of ice creams and favourite pets. Today we looked at making tally marks to collect our data, finding out our favourite thing to do at school. Numeracy was most popular, followed by PE and lunch!

This week we’ve also started doing some junk modelling which we will continue next week. We’ve had robots, ramps for cars and tunnels for a guinea pig!

In our art this week we stayed on the ice cream theme and made a collage of our own favourite flavour, painting the background a summer shade then taking our time to cut out and glue lots of little squares. We finished off with a choice of sprinkles.

We were also very excited this morning to see our tigers on the wall outside our classroom. Thank you Mrs Ryalls for the great display!

Building A Graph

Primary 1 have been thinking about how to sort, organise and group objects either by colour, shape, size, type.

Today we were learning how to sort information and display it, in a way that is easy to read and understand, in a graph. We made a pictogram about our favourite ice-cream, chocolate was the most popular.

Helpful Worms

We have been using the liquid made by the worms, “worm tea” to water the garden as its full of goodness that will help our plants grow.

We have been continuing to weed and plant different vegetables  in the garden such as pumpkins, courgettes and peas.

New Sounds in Primary 1


Last week we were building words with the oi sound for example oil, coil, voice, and point. We shared the story of Oi Frog by Kes Gray and Jim Field and then we made our own oi frog. We learnt how to draw the frog, in the story by watching Jim Field drawing online. We were really proud of our pictures.

This week we are learning about the ng sound as in strong, song, ring, and bang. We have been using our knowledge of sounds to read and build ng words. We shared the story of Mr Strong.


We have been learning to read and write words with the er sound . We shared the story of the Tiger Who Came to Tea, we then wrote our own descriptions of the tiger and drew pictures with oil pastels and painted pictures of the tiger. We had great fun making puppets of the different characters in the story and making a meal for the tiger.


P1 Sports

We had great fun at our sports day today.

We were running, hurdling, playing basketball, zigzagging around poles and collecting bean bags from hoops!

We all had a great time. Thank you to Mrs Fletcher for organising this for us and our Active Schools Coordinator Paul Murray for helping too. We had great fun!

Summer scenes in P2/1

We’ve had another busy week. On Monday we learned the ‘oi’ sound as in coin, foil and oink! We did a great job cutting out a snail’s coil and have been enjoying the Oi Dog , Oi Cat and Oi Frog stories.

To mark the start of June and the warmer weather this morning we worked together at our tables to make summer scenes using plasticine. We took turns to share our ideas, negotiated a theme  – from an ocean to a garden to a desert island – and then everyone contributed a plasticine model. 

The children’s highlights this week have been:

  • Reading Oi Puppies
  • Making the plasticine models
  • Reading
  • PE
  • Lunch!