Data handling in P2/1

We’ve had another busy week. We had Mrs Thomson on Monday and we learned the ‘ng’ sound as in sing, ring and finger.

On Tuesday we had great fun at Sports Day. We then wrote about this and drew some lovely pictures on Wednesday.

Also this week we’ve started looking at data handling, learning what a pictogram is and creating our own class pictograms on our favourite flavours of ice creams and favourite pets. Today we looked at making tally marks to collect our data, finding out our favourite thing to do at school. Numeracy was most popular, followed by PE and lunch!

This week we’ve also started doing some junk modelling which we will continue next week. We’ve had robots, ramps for cars and tunnels for a guinea pig!

In our art this week we stayed on the ice cream theme and made a collage of our own favourite flavour, painting the background a summer shade then taking our time to cut out and glue lots of little squares. We finished off with a choice of sprinkles.

We were also very excited this morning to see our tigers on the wall outside our classroom. Thank you Mrs Ryalls for the great display!

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