Hedgehog Rescue

We had an exciting start to the week this morning.

We were signing with Mrs Ryalls when a hedgehog ran past the classrooms! It then ran to the garden before running back. It was quite confused and zigzagging across the playground.

Mrs McGilp opened the door to check where it was and very nearly stood on it! It had stopped outside the P2/1 classroom door. Mrs Collins scooped it into a box and Mr Collins collected it and contacted the SSPCA.

We had regular updates and later found out the hedgehog is expecting hoglets. Mr Collins released it back to a safer spot in the school boundaries where it can hopefully have its hoglets in peace.

We did some fantastic drawing and recount writing about the hedgehog.

One thought on “Hedgehog Rescue”

  1. We heard lots about the hedgehog rescue last week and Ruaridh was very excited when he heard the hedgehog was expecting hoglets!
    He was very impressed that Mr Collins came to help too.

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