Happy Halloween from P2/1!

We’ve had a spooky end to the week in P2/1. Yesterday we learned the w sound and made webs and read stories about witches. We painted our wands with acrylic paints and added the finishing touches this morning. We had to promise not to turn Mrs McGilp into a frog! We also finished our Halloween masks and did some fantastic cutting and sticking. We also drew some scary pictures on our whiteboards.

Also this week we learned the j sound, and are doing a great job blending all of the sounds we have learned so far. We are enjoying reading in class and are doing lots of work on our key words, thank you for practising these at home.

In outdoor learning this week we talked more about the different seasons and how this affects some animals, in particular hedgehogs. We made hedgehogs out of plasticine and then collected lots of leaves and twigs to make them more comfortable. We talked about how the hedgehogs are eating lots of food before they hibernate for winter.

Learning our sounds

Primary 1 have been working hard to learn the “j” and the “w” sounds. We finished making our jellyfish and wrote “j” words together, thinking carefully about the sounds we could hear in the middle and at the end of words.

Today we were learning about the “w” sound. Michael had a bag of wigs and used his wand to make different spells! We made our own wands to take home to help us learn our new sound.

Reading in Primary 1

This afternoon we started reading in our  groups. It was very exciting. We sat around the table with Mrs Collins and looked at the cover of the book , thinking about what  the story could be about, then as we looked through the book together we  talked  about the pictures and the story. We  took turns to read the pages, pointing at each word  with our finger and using our sounds to help us read the words. We then finished by reading the book altogether. Our reading days with Mrs Collins will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


A Busy Monday in Primary 1!

We had a very busy day in primary 1. We began by shaing our news with each other and then we were practising using our tweezers to lift buttons, it was quite tricky as some of the buttons were very small!

We were practising our sounds and using our sounds to write words. Our new sound today was “j”, Michael told us a story about a very wobbly jelly and we started to make a jellyfish to take home.

In our number work we have started to think about adding numbers.  We laid out cubes in two sets and then added them together, recording our answers underneath.

During our activity time we worked together to do different jigsaws, we used plasticine, leaves and little sticks to make hedgehogs and practised our drawing and cutting skills to make different pictures.

Being creative!

Puzzle Fun!

Can you find the hedgehogs?

More about b!

On Friday we were building words together that have the ” b” sound in them. We started by saying the words, then we sounded out the words on our fingers and  wrote the words on our boards. We  read back the words to Mrs Collins. To finish the lesson we made pictures of Mr Bump with his bandages on!


Mrs T Ward The Illustrator

As well as helping  us with our learning Mrs  Ward has another job, she is a graphic illustrator. On Friday she shared a book with Primary 1 that she has just finished the illustrations for. It was a book all about different letter sounds. We loved looking at the pictures, Mrs Ward had linked all the pictures with her use of different patterns. Our favourite pictures were the koala and the yak!

Filling our buckets in P2/1

We’ve had a lovely week back after the October holidays.

We all got new reading books and have been reading to Mrs McGilp and our reading partners. In phonics we learned the f  sound and made foxes and fish and searched our books for f words.  On Thursday we had lots of fun learning b and looking for b sounds – we had Brooke holding a book, a banana, some biscuits and a bag among many other things! Today we had a play outside with a bat and ball.

In numeracy we’ve been finishing our work on patterns – making patterns with cubes, numicon and Cuisenaire rods and also in our drawings. We’re continually working on number formation and the language of more and less.

On Tuesday we had a virtual Skipper assembly. Mrs Wilson spoke about the importance of being kind and Mrs Ward read us a story about ‘filling our buckets’. When we are kind to someone, or someone is kind to us, it fills our bucket. When we are sad or mean, or someone is unkind to us, this lessens our bucket. For the rest of the week we’ve looked for lots of opportunities to fill our own and others’ buckets.

This included voting for our favourite picturebook for the UKLA awards. We re-read the remaining books and did various activities. We read The Visitor about a lonely lady who lives on her own, who is cheered up when a little boy accidentally threw a paper aeroplane into her house. Like the lady whose bucket was filled, we filled our own buckets by making paper aeroplanes and flying them around the playground. We read If all the World Were about a little girls whose grandfather makes her a notebook. We then made our own notebooks and started drawing pictures of our own families. This morning we looked at Julian is a Mermaid and in circle time talked about how we are all unique. We then voted (in secret) and the winner was Aree Chung’s Mixed!

To finish our week our very own Mrs Ward shared her illustrations in an alpabet book that is being published.  We asked some interesting questions about how Mrs Ward drew the pictures and how the book was made before giving Mrs Ward a big clap!

How Many More?

In numeracy primary 1 are thinking about more than.

We had to make two towers and think about which tower had more cubes in it and then we had to work out how many more were in the taller tower.

We had to make a tower that was taller than our pencil. We had to work out how many cubes high was our pencil and then think about how many more cubes were in the tower.