Filling our buckets in P2/1

We’ve had a lovely week back after the October holidays.

We all got new reading books and have been reading to Mrs McGilp and our reading partners. In phonics we learned the f  sound and made foxes and fish and searched our books for f words.  On Thursday we had lots of fun learning b and looking for b sounds – we had Brooke holding a book, a banana, some biscuits and a bag among many other things! Today we had a play outside with a bat and ball.

In numeracy we’ve been finishing our work on patterns – making patterns with cubes, numicon and Cuisenaire rods and also in our drawings. We’re continually working on number formation and the language of more and less.

On Tuesday we had a virtual Skipper assembly. Mrs Wilson spoke about the importance of being kind and Mrs Ward read us a story about ‘filling our buckets’. When we are kind to someone, or someone is kind to us, it fills our bucket. When we are sad or mean, or someone is unkind to us, this lessens our bucket. For the rest of the week we’ve looked for lots of opportunities to fill our own and others’ buckets.

This included voting for our favourite picturebook for the UKLA awards. We re-read the remaining books and did various activities. We read The Visitor about a lonely lady who lives on her own, who is cheered up when a little boy accidentally threw a paper aeroplane into her house. Like the lady whose bucket was filled, we filled our own buckets by making paper aeroplanes and flying them around the playground. We read If all the World Were about a little girls whose grandfather makes her a notebook. We then made our own notebooks and started drawing pictures of our own families. This morning we looked at Julian is a Mermaid and in circle time talked about how we are all unique. We then voted (in secret) and the winner was Aree Chung’s Mixed!

To finish our week our very own Mrs Ward shared her illustrations in an alpabet book that is being published.  We asked some interesting questions about how Mrs Ward drew the pictures and how the book was made before giving Mrs Ward a big clap!

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