An icy week in Primary 1!

It has been a perfect week for P1 to look more at how water freezes and ice melts and to relate it to the frosty mornings and snowy weather! On Monday we did ice experiments, predicting and then testing to see whether salt, sugar or hot water melted the ice fastest.

We also worked in groups to make ice ornaments to hang in the playground. Hopefully the children managed to share these with you and tell you why they were melting.

Photographs by Ayla

Other highlights this week have been eating pancakes on Tuesday, learning to takeaway in maths and the ch sound in phonics. We are all excited for World Book Day next Thursday!

Happy 10th birthday Kingsland!

We’ve had lots of fun this morning taking part in activities across the school to celebrate Kingland’s 10th birthday.

Here is our Kingsland acrostic poem:

Kicking balls in the MUGA

I love reading!

Numbers, numbers, numbers!

Great fun at PE

School is awesome

Learning signalong

Amazing art

Never stop learning

Deeds not words!

Lots of addition in Primary 1

The class have been working hard with their addition up to 10, using concrete materials to help.  We used the numicon to build towers of 10, making some very sturdy towers!

We also enjoy playing with the Cuisenaire rods to see the different ways you can make 10 and the patterns you can make.

We’ve now set up our own mini ‘Kingsland Shop’ where we sort the food into different categories, write out shopping lists and use our addition skills to make sure we give the correct amount to the shopkeeper!

To continue to develop addition skills at home, the mental maths train game on Topmarks is one of our class favourites:

Beebots and Bear Hunts!

P4/5 shared their digital skills with ELC recently by helping them learn how to do some simple programming using little robots called Beebots. Linking to the story ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’, P4/5 made some bear costumes for the Beebots and a simple map of some places from the story. The ELC boys and girls then learned how to program the Beebots to get the bear robot back to his cave! The children had to use what they have been learning about positional language and sequencing to plan the bear’s route. Well done everyone!