Primary 1 Highlights

This week we have enjoyed:

  • “Doing the Nativity. I loved singing the camel song”
  • “Looking at shapes in maths. I liked drawing the Christmas pictures using shapes to draw around”
  • “I liked doing our dress rehearsal because my big sister was there!”
  • “I liked learning about food chains and different animals”
  • “I liked watching ‘The Snowman’ and drawing him”

We are looking forward to our final week of Christmas parties, a pantomime show and a tasty Christmas lunch!

Kingsland ELC Christmas show!

Our ELC Christmas shows are finished! We hope you all enjoyed our performances on Tuesday and today.

Like we said at the show all the ideas came from the children, they helped make the backdrop and parts of the costumes – please see our floorbook for the story of this!



A huge thank you to all who came to watch us!



Marvellous Maths

The Primary 1s have been very busy exploring numbers to 10 and using different materials to help them to add numbers within 10.

Topmarks is a great website full of games for you to explore with your child:

Stay, Play and Learn Session 3

On Monday we welcomed our parents in for our final Book Week themed session. Everyone enjoyed watching Meg McLaren read the story of ‘ The Station Mouse’ then we all participated in a step-by-step drawing lesson. We cut our our characters to make puppets and used these to retell the story. Our next steps would be creating a word bank together to describe our character and then write some sentences about him.

Which book did you enjoy the most?

Christmas has landed at ELC

Christmas has landed at ELC!

We have been busy doing lots of Christmas crafts  dressing up activities, reading  and singing for our ELC show!

We have also had a cheeky elf visit our nursery, we look for him everyday to see what he has been up to!

We cannot wait to see you all next week at our ELC shows on Tuesday and Thursday!