Gardening Transition Activities with PeeblesCAN

Primary 1 have been working with PeeblesCAN throughout the year to grow, harvest, weed and tidy up our school garden. We have enjoyed observing the changes over the seasons and were excited to find insects among what we gathered!

We harvested a range of vegetables inlcuding beetroot, potatoes, peas and broad beans. The boys and girls also planted new seeds for overwintering.

The children worked particularly hard to clear and tidy our garden in their last few sessions, using different tools and equipment to do so.

A big well done to all of the Primary 1s for their hard work and a big thank you to PeeblesCAN!

Stay, Play and Learn Session 2

This afternoon we continued to explore our BookBug bags in Primary 1 as we carried out activities based on the book ‘Sophie Johnson Unicorn Expert’ by Morag Hood.

We worked with our friends and grown-ups to make sparkly headbands.

We also blended sounds to make words with our magnetic boards and played rhyming games too.

Further games and activities related to the BookBug bags can be found following this link:

Please join us next week on Tuesday 3rd December for our final Stay, Play and Learn session at 2.30pm. We will be looking at the last book in our bags and the children will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite book.

Book week Scotland

We have been celebrating Book week Scotland by having stories in lots of different forms.

We have read a story outdoors at Muddy Mondays all about the cold weather. This linked in well with us talking about seasons and the children interest in ice and cold weather.

Then on Tuesday Aeya’s mum came in to do a drama/gym lesson with us and used the story “Jack Frost”. The children acted out part of the story and used their bodies in different ways to move around the gym hall! A huge thank you for doing this, the children loved it!

On Wednesday and Thursday we have been using the computer and smart board to have stories.

Tomorrow we are going to be working with primary one in the morning learning about books together.

All week children have been bringing in stories from home, and we have been sharing them at gathering time.

Please see our display in ELC and our floorbook for more photos and quotes!

Stay, Play and Learn Session 1

On Tuesday we enjoyed working with our friends and grown-ups to complete a range of activities related to this week’s book ‘The Prince, the Witch, the Thief and the Bears’ by Alastair Chisholm.

We had decided that the frog was our favourite character from the book and so we made little frogs using play dough.

We made maps of the Kingdom ReeliReeliTol. We crumpled them up and ripped the edges to make them look like old maps!

We talked about our favourite characters and made puppets to retell the story. The children really took their time with their cutting.

We practised blending sounds to make short sentences and we matched the cards to the pictures.

We also enjoyed some maths activities which included snakes and ladders and pattern activities.

Our friend Clare from Peebles library came along with Bookbug to see what we were up to. Bookbug enjoyed sharing a Scottish song with us and handed out our Bookbug bags. Happy reading everyone!

Please join us for our next Stay, Play and Learn session which will be held on Monday 25th November from 2.30.

Library and Author Visit for Primary 1

Today the Primary 1s wrapped up warm and walked down to Peebles Library to meet Alastair Chisholm, a Bookbug Finalist for 2019.

Before we went into the library, the children had a look at the war memorial, poppies and wreaths which we had been learning about. The children were very respectful and enjoyed seeing poppies in “real life”.

We explored the children’s area of the library before we went to the museum. Many of the children were keen to share books with their friends.

After this, we met Alastair and he read us his book ‘The Prince and the Witch and the Thief and the Bears’. We spoke about our favourite characters and designed our own front cover for the book.

We are looking forward to exploring the book further during the week. Please join us for our ‘Stay, Play and Learn’ session tomorrow from 2.30 if you can. All of the children will receive their Bookbug bags from a special guest!

Seasons in ELC

The last couple of weeks we have been learning about the seasons and talking about Autumn and the changes in the weather.

We have experienced this when we have been outside as part of our “Muddy Mondays” , as well as our daily outdoor play. We have been noticing over the weeks the changes in the world around us, leaves changing and a change in the temperature!

We have been doing autumn, jigsaws, reading seasonal stories and gluing, drawing and painting some lovely autumnal pictures!

We have seasons activities set up outside and inside, like our small world house. We also have been doing some autumn songs, and drama in gym and using the colour magic computer program to draw seasonal trees.

W can’t wait to share our learning with you next week at stay and play – please add your name to the whiteboard if you can make it!


Remembrance in P1

On Monday 11th November we talked about Remembrance Day and why we buy and wear poppies. The children were interested to know more and so we explored this further.

We watched a clip together and enjoyed talking about the music and the use of colour in the video. We made our own poppies which we were really proud of.

Click on the link if you want to watch the video:

On Thursday we were learning about mixing paints and we painted these lovely poppy pictures. We added white to create lighter shades of green and thought about how we could use brush strokes to add detail to our paintings.



Spooky fun in Primary 1!

We have had a spooky week in Primary 1 as we have been learning the and sound.

We practised our cutting as we cut out ghost templates and covered our ghosts in cotton wool.

For b, we had to make a bat! We had to cut, fold and glue to make these super decorations!

We were inspired by Winnie the Witch and wrote and drew about the WHO and WHAT in the story. We all took our time and we were very proud of the finished results. We also wrote some sentences by ourselves to go with our work.

Finally, we had a great time at our Halloween party on Friday! We danced, played games, had a snack and made a ghost house and puppet. Happy Halloween everyone!