Do you want to draw a snowman?

A real highlight in P2 this week was using the iPads for the first time. We watched a short video of a story about a little girl and her snowman friend and then we learned how to use the Sketches School App to build a snowman picture. Our first iPad session was very successful with only a few hiccups which we were able to sort very quickly. We are all very proud of our snowmen.

Another highlight has been making our props for the virtual Christmas Nativity concert and learning our song. We have done so well with this. We like singing along without the words now.


We are really looking forward to singing our song on the stage next week.

We have been continuing to explore non-fiction books in class and although the text can be quite challenging we are doing very well and managing to read most of the book fluently.

We all enjoy discussing the photographs and text with our learning partners.

As we move into December we have been finding out about Advent and why we have advent calendars. It has been funΒ  searching around the classroom for our giftΒ  and task if it is our name that is chosen.

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