New Sounds in Primary 1


Last week we were building words with the oi sound for example oil, coil, voice, and point. We shared the story of Oi Frog by Kes Gray and Jim Field and then we made our own oi frog. We learnt how to draw the frog, in the story by watching Jim Field drawing online. We were really proud of our pictures.

This week we are learning about the ng sound as in strong, song, ring, and bang. We have been using our knowledge of sounds to read and build ng words. We shared the story of Mr Strong.


We have been learning to read and write words with the er sound . We shared the story of the Tiger Who Came to Tea, we then wrote our own descriptions of the tiger and drew pictures with oil pastels and painted pictures of the tiger. We had great fun making puppets of the different characters in the story and making a meal for the tiger.


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