careers week continued…..

yesterday we had Leo’s Dad in to talk about being a vet.


He talked about the different kinds of animals he looks after and has even looked after a Lion when he worked in a different country!

We think we are going to make our own Vets surgery in our home corner after the holidays.

Thank you Mr Gardiner-Roberts!


This afternoon Ms Lea came to talk to us about being a paramedic. She even brought her Ambulance!


She talked to us about why some people would need to go in an ambulance and what are some of the things she does to help people.

She had bandages, hat hard, a special uniform and syringes to show us – she even left some items for us to play with!

We then went outside to have a look inside the ambulance, we got to have a go in the front, lie on the bed in the bag and have a turn of the heart monitor!

Lots of the boys and girls now want to be paramedics no!

Thank you Ms Lea!




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