Book week

We have been having great fun this week exploring book week.

We  brought in our favourite books to share from home. Can you guess the readers display on our classroom window has created lots of discussion.

Learners redesigned the front cover for their book and created a character description. It was lovely reading a bit of our favourite books to Mrs Smith.

Have fun exploring your book bug bags and reading your favourite tales.


In literacy we have explored character descriptions and increased fluency in our reading.  Our phonic this week was oo and we were very creative in our search for words with oo.

Our recount writing this week was on the book Dad and I went shopping.  We are learning how to structure a recount text.

We further explored verbs this week acting them out and changing tenses.


We have explored 100 squares. Talking about numbers, before, after and in between. We played games and built 100 square jigsaws. We continued 2x table playing bingo, creating groups and singing songs.


We used problem solving skills with volume.

After COP26 the class developed a great interest in reducing our carbon footprint and looking after our world.  We chose 3 class goals to reduce our carbon footprint, and we created poster to share with others.


This week we explored the sun and influence of shadows on day and night. We explored through light, and drawing shadows.

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