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Book Week

We have had some fun exploring books for Book Week. Our focus has had strong links to Literacy.

We explored the book,” The last wolf” by Mini Grey . This was a book that was in the P3 Read, Write, Count goody bag that we took home on Monday.

The Primary 2 goody bag was amazing too. We loved the note book, card game and measuring tape too.

We tried to act out parts of the story and we felt that we were actually in the book when we did that. There was lots of fun and laughter at the end when the story had a happy ending.

The book made us think very carefully about environmental issues and how we need to take care to look after wildlife. When hedges and trees are cut down the animals lose their homes and food. So we could be more mindful of this when we make choices.

We are looking forward to sharing books we bring in from home tomorrow.

Click on the link below to hear one of the stories we shared this week


Here is a non-fiction story we read this week.




We are now looking at exploring numbers to 100 and we enjoyed using the big 100 square and working out the correct sequence of numbers. We enjoyed being active with our learning.

We are really looking forward to using the big 100 square when we are choosing in our free time too.

Well done for wanting to transfer your learning into your play, P2 !

Sustainable Squad meeting 1.

We had an early morning meeting and felt very grown up when the tables were rearranged to make our meeting more formal.

We took the meeting very seriously and our responses were very mature.

Here are some of the things we discussed.

P7 will be planting legacy trees in the school grounds in December and January. This will provide shelter and shading and be good for our wildlife. We can also think about the P7’s who planted them.

We are looking forward to finding out more about the polytunnel that we are going to have in Spring.


Mr Swinney surprised us by dropping off some of the jigsaws and games our teacher had ordered. Mrs Ward gave each class money to spend and we are really excited about exploring our new games.

Thank you to Mrs Ward as these games will make our learning and play even more exciting.

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