Weekly Review – W/B 22nd November

What a great week….

-We have been learning about the animals which live in the emergent layer in the amazon rainforest. We made creative posters to display our knowledge.

-We drew animals using tutorial videos to add to our rainforest display.

-We continued to learn about multiplication. We looked at three written strategies to support with this.

-We though about the important relationships in our lives and the importance of keeping connected to the important people in our lives.

What have you enjoyed this week and why?

23 thoughts on “Weekly Review – W/B 22nd November”

  1. I have enjoyed doing the pointillism art because we have done so much dots and I really enjoy doing it also I enjoyed doing the painting and using lots of different colours.

  2. I have enjoyed our maths because it looks tricky but it’s really easy and I enjoyed writing because I’m writing about a animal that I really like writing about.

  3. My Highlights For This Week Have Been Learning About Emergent Layer Animals & Continuing With Multiplication In Maths Because The Rainforest Is An Important Part Of The World & Maths Is A Good Subject

  4. I have enjoyed topic and art because art is my favourite subject and topic is really fun to learn. Lily’s favourite thing this week is art because it was very interesting and fun.

  5. This week I have enjoyed doing our parrots and painting them using pointillism.It was really good.I have also enjoyed doing our assessment piece of writing.I really liked it.I have even enjoyed doing health and well-being with the web and stuff. It was really fun.

  6. I enjoyed drawing and painting our parrots with pointillism because it’s fun doing a different kind of art than we usually do.

  7. I enjoyed drawing animals and added it to our rainforest display on the window and door which has Leaina veins. Another thing i enjoyed this week is doing is learning about which animals live in the emergent layer in the Amazon rainforest

  8. I enjoyed doing the web we are currently making pictures for them and doing who were connected to and saying what were connected by. I also enjoyed doing our last rainforest piece of writing even though it took a long time it was still very fun and it was a lot of writing as well, we had to make notes for them as well.

  9. This week I really enjoyed making our emergent layer animal posters. We all got very creative, colourful and unique with our designs and they look great! 😉

  10. I have enjoyed doing our art and drawing different animals for our class rainforest display because it’s very fun colouring in and drawing our designs! 😊

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