Maths Games

Click on the links below to access some subtraction, addition and shape games for you to practise at home.
Can you beat your score on Hit the Button?

If you have a dice at home why not teach someone at home how to play the place value game or the addition or subtraction race games.



Who am I?

Choose one character from the photo below. Can you create a character description based on the character for us to guess?

Use the writing guide below to help your descriptions.

Can you guess the character I am describing…

On top of his head is a black, shiny hat. Under the hat sits two, bushy eyebrows. A pair of large, pink ears stick out from the sides of his face which help him hear things from far away. Under his eyes is a dark, wiry moustache with a wide, grinning mouth hiding underneath. His arms are as thin as a stick and at the end of them sits some smooth, white gloves. At the bottom of his head/body are a couple of bright blue shoes which he uses to stomp across the floor.
Who am I?

P5 Weekly Review by Hope and Martha

We have had lots of fun in class this week…

We created some excellent mini beasts using Miss Binkle’s, from our class novel, as our inspiration.

We also learnt some more playground games and we all loved the game Cops and Robbers. Mrs Smith was proud to see us teaching this to other classes in the playground.

In my maths we have started learning about subtraction and we have been playing lots of dice games with our partners. We are learning different strategies to help us tackle takeaway problems.

In writing we have been writing a description based on a character who joins our class. This new boy is rather different though as he has wings and claws!

We have also been learning more about 3D shapes and creating our own perspective art using different 2D shapes and turning these into 3D shapes with our vanishing points.

Our new class novel is called The Famous Five and Me and at the end of each chapter the book asks us what we think should happen next so we can create our own story.

In spelling we have been learning about long ‘i’ and twice this week we have won against Mrs Smith in the rhyming challenge. We are getting really good at it.

What have you enjoyed this week?

Weekly Review – 25/9/20 P5/6

We have been inspired by our novel to look more closely at insects. This is an example of honey bees we drew. We had to add shade and highlight to make the bee look 3D. We are looking forward to doing more next week and using the natural environment to inspire us. We also learned about the anatomy of insects.

We have also enjoyed:

-P.E. We were working on our jumping and took part in the long jump.

-Writing descriptions of an imaginary character. We had to use lots of adjectives this week.

-Designing alternative front covers for our class novel.

-Learning to subtract in maths. We played dice games and took part in a maths relay.

-Handwriting. We are all working hard to improve our joins.

-Music. We were performing and recording our beat sequences.

-Beginning our new class novel. “The midnight gang” by David Walliams.


Happy Birthday to Lloyd!


Review of the week – 18.9.20 P6/5

This week we have enjoyed:

-Music. We were learning about beat sequences.

-P.E. We were working on our stamina.

-finishing our class novel, Max and the Millions. Most of us really enjoyed it.

-discovering our sense of smell. We went for a “smelly” walk in the playground and were amazed at what we found.

-looking on the bright side. This week we had to reflect daily on what made us happy.

-handwriting. We focused on the size and joins in our letters.

-completing our description texts on our chosen animal.

-creating 3D shapes and learning about the properties. (Face, Edge and Vertex)

-Maths. We took part in a maths relay to help us with our addition.


Happy Birthday to Milo!

Weekly Review -11/9/20 P6/5

This week we learned about the eye. We labelled a diagram then took part in some fun experiments to test our eyes.

We have also been busy designing our Christmas cards. We had to think creatively and be very careful when colouring.

We have also enjoyed:

-working collaboratively to create one large piece of art. (Look out for the finished piece next week.)

-learning about addition in maths. We have been challenged to add several large numbers together at once. We have focused this week on explaining the strategies we use to solve questions.

-P.E. We were working on our athletics skills again.

-learning about literal questions. We had to answer in sentences and we were challenged to create our own literal questions.

-Music. P6 have been using Garage band to create their own music. P5 are making their own pattern sequences in groups.

-Handwriting. We are working hard to practice our joins and earn pen licences.

-Writing our description text about Fleas. Some thought they were fascinating; some thought they were disgusting.

-learning about proper nouns and common nouns.

Review of the Week wb 5/9/20

This week we have:

-Created a 3D art work as a class under the theme of staying connected.

-We learned about the eye and drew a diagram and labelled it.

-We took part in some addition lessons and learned about bridging with harder sums.

-We designed and coloured in our Christmas cards.

-We wrote a description about Helen Keller.

-We practised spelling words using long the ‘e’ sound.

What did you enjoy this week?

Primary 5’s Busy Week

Primary 5 have had a super week this week and have been very busy. They:

-Investigated objects with symmetry

-Learned about our ears and how they work.

-Wrote fantastic descriptions about Mrs Binkles (a character from our story)

-Were very excited by the cliffhanger that we got to in Max and the Millions.

-Learned about the word gratitude and why it is important to say/show thanks.

What was your favourite part of the week?