A helping hand for Spiky

Rex the ranger brought us a hedgehog hotel for Spiky, it is a box with a tunnel in it so that Spiky will be safe and foxes and badgers can’t get in.

First we had a discussion about where we could put the hedgehog hotel.  We decided it had to be…


Next we went with our teachers and walked round the school looking for a good place to put the hedgehog hotel.

Is this a good place?


Or this?


We looked round the school and found a really good place that was suitable for Spiky to hibernate and where we thought he could get enough worms, slugs and snails to eat before he went to sleep.  We are not going to tell where the hedgehog hotel is so that Spiky stays safe.

Then we carefully put the hedgehog hotel down and began putting leaves inside for Spiky to stay cosy.



Next we began covering the hedgehog hotel with leaves so that it was camouflaged.



Finally we were satisfied.  Can you see our hedgehog hotel?


Happy hibernation Spiky – see you in the Spring.