light – source or reflector?

We carried out some experiments to see which things were sources of light and which were reflectors.  We had to build very dark dens to allow us to carry out our tests so no sunlight was involved.  We discovered that a torch is a source of light but a mirror or a shiny material is a reflector.

Lego driverless cars

We had a great time programming our LEGO driverless cars on Monday.  We had to write code to get the cars to drive across the room, turn round and drive back as quickly as possible. We had to really concentrate and we were using lots of maths and science skills.

Scotland City Leaflets

We have really enjoyed our Scotland mini topic on major Scottish cities. In groups, we were given a Scottish city. We were travel agents and we had to create a name and a logo for our group. We then researched our city to find out about the landmarks and things to do there. We also researched how much budget and luxury hotels cost per night in that city. Then we were given a pretend family and we had to plan a short break in a city that would suit their preferences within a budget. We really enjoyed looking at everyone’s leaflets and calculating how much it would cost to stay in the city. We found that it was tricky to afford everything we wanted to do!