Jolly Phonics

We have begun learning our Jolly Phonic sounds. We have had great fun meeting Sammy Snake, Auntie Ant and Inky Mouse. We all enjoyed watching Mr Tall and Mr Tickle playing tennis. Each of the sounds have a song and action that help us to remember them. We also make  models and pictures about the different sounds that we enjoy taking home to share with our grown-ups.

Meeting Inky Mouse


Making Auntie Ant


Sammy Snake slithering on the smart board!



Ants on Michael’s pizza!



Number Fun

We have been practising writing our numbers. We have special rhymes to help us remember how to form our numbers correctly.

Take your pencil for a run that’s how you make a number 1.

Half a heart says I love you and a line makes number 2.

Round the tree,  round the tree that’s how you make a number 3. DSC05876DSC05881DSC06014

How will we find out about hedgehogs?

We talked about how we could find the answers to our questions. Here are our ideas:

How to find out about hedgehogs

Lachlan/Sandy   – use the computer to get information

Sam  – go outside to a forest to look

Amber B/Tilly    – Look on the ground for clues like footprints

Dylan     – look on the ground for holes

Rory – look around the roots of trees

Phoebe – go looking and find a hedgehog that was moving slowly

Thomas – look behind trees

Brodie – smell them

Hughie – climb up a tree and look down

Nancy – get some books about hedgehogs

John – a man/lady who work in the forest could come and tell us about hedgehogs

Ailsa – we could ask somebody that knows all about hedgehogs to come in and tell us. The wildlife trust might know

Sandy – get someone from the zoo to come and help us

Sam – People that live and work in the forest could come in and help us

Ailsa – the vet might be able to help us

Struan – someone at a farm might help us

Hughie – we could go and visit somewhere that has hedgehogs that we can look at

Sandy – detective might go looking

Phoebe – a magnifying glass might help

Ailsa – we could make a hedgehog run and the hedgehogs could come in and we could watch them and find out about them


Meeting Spiky

On Friday we were all very surprised to find a cardboard box outside our classroom door. When we looked inside we were all amazed  to find Spiky, a little hedgehog . Mrs Musgrave put on her special protective gloves and lifted him out to meet us. We were very excited although we tried to be very quiet so that we didn’t frighten him.


What’s that outside the door?


I wonder what it could be?


Be careful Mrs Musgrave!