Weekly Review – W/B 22nd November

What a great week….

-We have been learning about the animals which live in the emergent layer in the amazon rainforest. We made creative posters to display our knowledge.

-We drew animals using tutorial videos to add to our rainforest display.

-We continued to learn about multiplication. We looked at three written strategies to support with this.

-We though about the important relationships in our lives and the importance of keeping connected to the important people in our lives.

What have you enjoyed this week and why?

Weekly Review – W/B 15th November

Another busy week in P6….

-We have been learning about the animals that live in the understorey and canopy layers of the jungle. We carried out more research and wrote and information report using our notes.

-We researched snakes and choose one species to recreate using paper plates. They look amazing hanging in our class.

-We have been learning about factors and multiples in maths. We also explored prime numbers and what makes them special.

-For book week we read a story called “The Last Wolf” and then predicted where the main character would be in 50 years time. It made us think about the important issue of sustainability again.

What was your favourite part of the week and why?


Weekly Review W/B 8th Nov

What an excellent week!

  • We have been learning about the story of the Poppy and what Remembrance Day is all about. We created some beautiful poppy pictures and all took part in a one minute silence.
  • We have been learning about animals that live on the forest floor and researched an animal of our choice. We wrote an information report on our chosen animal and then created a piece of art work based on one of these.
  • In Maths we have finished our block on subtraction and have now moved on to multiplication. Remember you can practise the trickier times tables on Hit the Button. This will help you increase your recall speed and confidence with these.
  • In Health and WellBeing we have been talking about reasons why people might take drugs or alcohol and their impact on peoples’ mood. We have continued to talk about relationships and how we form these.

What has been your highlight of the week and why?