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Happy New Year! Weekly Review 14.1.21

Happy New Year Everyone.

We have made a fantastic start back to our learning  in both P6 and P6/7.

We have started learning our Scottish poems. Those wishing to take part in the competition have been asked to focus on ‘Address to the Toothache’ and the rest of the class have been given a choice of two other poems to practise and learn. Our focus is on the performance aspect of the poems and they will be shared with the rest of the class. All poems are available on our Teams pages.

We have also been reading a story about ‘Neeps and Tatties’. The book is about a fall out between Neeps and Tatties and what happens as a result of this. The book held many topical themes and we were able to relate these to our own lives as well as events in history. We have also identified Scot’s words and there meanings within the text to get a deeper understanding of these. Next week we will be looking at the text in even greater detail.

In writing, we have been focussing on limericks and have written some class examples based on different themes. We have been learning about the rhythm of limericks, the structure and also rhyming words. Next week we will be starting to write our own limericks about scottish animals.

In maths we have started working on division and angles and this will continue until the February break. Continue to practise timestables games at home as this is linked to division and will help us in this area. Use the link below to access games to help you practise… Math Games | Educational Games for Kids | Toy Theater

We have also looked at the artist Steven Brown. We found out about his life and inspirations and then created our own McCoos. We will share these with you when they are finished.

We have had a super first week and are looking forward to the term ahead.


P6 Christmas Party

P6 had a wonderful time at their Christmas Party yesterday. They played; pass the parcel, musical bumps, musical statues, musical arms and the After Eight game (which was very messy!).

We also took part in some year group dances and enjoyed a yummy snack half way through. A huge thanks to the Parent Council for our treat bags.

Well done to Dylan who won ‘Best Dancer’ and Rudi who won ‘Kindest Person at the Party’.

Thank-you P6s for an excellent time.

Weekly Review W/B 8th Nov

What an excellent week!

  • We have been learning about the story of the Poppy and what Remembrance Day is all about. We created some beautiful poppy pictures and all took part in a one minute silence.
  • We have been learning about animals that live on the forest floor and researched an animal of our choice. We wrote an information report on our chosen animal and then created a piece of art work based on one of these.
  • In Maths we have finished our block on subtraction and have now moved on to multiplication. Remember you can practise the trickier times tables on Hit the Button. This will help you increase your recall speed and confidence with these.
  • In Health and WellBeing we have been talking about reasons why people might take drugs or alcohol and their impact on peoples’ mood. We have continued to talk about relationships and how we form these.

What has been your highlight of the week and why?

Weekly Review 5.11.21

This week has been another great week.

We all watched The Lorax Live on Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It explained climate change really well and made links to COP26.

We have been learning about plants in the rainforest and how they have adapted so that they can survive in the extreme climate. We then used this information to create an information report on rainforest plants.

Our classroom is starting to look like a real rainforest and we have all taken on different jobs to make items for it. Each week we will add to our display with our new learning.

In maths we are finishing our block on subtraction. Ask us to show you; the written method, number line method, missing number method or expanding numbers method. We have been working very hard on this.

In Health and Well-being we have been discussing relationships and how we are connected in different ways. We enjoying thinking about our connections with each other in class. We have also covered drugs education and have been learning about legal and illegal drugs and the impact they can have on someone.

What has been your highlight this week?

Happy Halloween!

P6/7 had a super spooky day today.

We had dancing, dooking for apples, Kahoot! quizzes, super sour sweets, party games and food!

Mrs Smith was very impressed by all the efforts of the children in class.

Who can you spot in the photo below?

Meet our newest additions…

We were all super excited to meet our new stick insect family. We set up their starter enclosure and made sure they had food before we settled them in.

We then had the tricky job of naming our new ‘stickies’.

We have named them; Stickabelle, Lorax Jr, Ivy, Trixie and Twix.

Let us know what you think of our new arrivals…

How many can you find in the photo below? They are very good at camouflage!