P3B water science

We are having great fun thinking like scientists. Today we got some fizzy water and put sultanas in it.

We observed  the sultanas. We saw them dance, jump, and float up and down.

They were covered in fizzy bubbles. The fizzy bubbles were full of gas.

We are learning that water can be a liquid, a solid and a gas. But the gas is steam and it is too hot for us to have in the classroom. So we looked at some gas we could see safely.

Our very first day in P3B we went outside with ice and water and we compared them. What a lot of similarities and differences we noticed. We are VERY OBSERVANT scientists and we are learning to compare.

P3a Egyptian Houses

We have been finding out about Egyptian Houses and comparing them to our own houses this week. We found out that Egyptian Houses had flat roofs and they would often sleep on the roof to keep cool in the hot weather. The houses often had stone gate posts and they were made of mud bricks which had been dried in the sun.

We designed our own Lego Egyptian Houses which showed all the features we had learned about.

P3a Drama

We have been doing some Drama about Egyptian Gods. Last week, some of us pretended to be Gods and Mummies. We played a game where everyone else had to try to creep up on us without being heard. When the Mummies and Gods said ‘Zap’, we all had to stay VERY still. It was really tricky to stand like a statue but we all had fun!

P3a Sarcophagus Art

We enjoyed finding out about the Egyptian coffin that Pharaohs were buried in. The coffin was called a Sarcophagus. We learned that the patterns on a sarcophagus were symmetrical which means they were the same on both sides. We worked really hard to make our pictures symmetrical and we are very proud of them!

P3a Egyptians

We are having lots of fun finding out about Ancient Egyptians for our topic. We enjoyed learning all about pyramids and painted lovely 3D pyramids with sand in the paint to add texture.

We were fascinated to find out that there were lots of secret passageways, trap doors and booby traps inside the pyramids to protect the treasure from grave robbers. We drew our own pyramids  and labelled all the different traps. We then shared them with a learning partner. We don’t think any robbers would be able to get to our treasure!