More on Spiky the hedgehog

When we found ‘Spiky’ the hedgehog outside our classroom he was injured and needed our help.  We decided we wanted to make an ‘animal rescue’ centre and a ‘dark den’ so that we could care for injured animals and find out more about hedgehogs.  We gave our ideas to our teachers and they helped us to create the two areas. We role play with our friends and already have helped make several animals better.  Spiky the hedgehog is much better and we have made a lovely nest for him – we went outside and gathered leaves and twigs so that he would feel comfortable. Pippin the dog loves having his coat brushed and going on walks with us too.

dsc06149 dsc06155 dsc06178 dsc06204 pippen-dog

Having Fun

We have been having fun playing in the classroom with our friends.

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We are getting good at knowing what we need when working and creating at the craft and play dough area and then tidying all the materials away neatly when it is tidy up time.





Numbers Numbers Everywhere

We are continuing to learn rhymes to help us with our numbers.

Down and over and down some more, that’s how we make the number 4.


Out of the farm and around the building, back up and shut the gate, down and around and a flag up high that’s how we make the number 5.

Around to a loop, number 6 rolls a hoop.


Across the sky and down from heaven, that’s how we make the number 7.


Make a ‘S’ and do not wait, when you get home you have an 8.


We are having fun exploring numbers.  On our number lines we are talking about numbers that come before and after.  We are also thinking about numbers that are one more than and one less than.







Meeting the Family

We are enjoying finding out about Kipper, Biff, Chip and their dog Floppy and are learning to recognise their names.  Did you know that Kipper’s real name is Christopher and that Biff is really Barbara and Chip is David?  This is what Kipper said when he was little because he found it difficult to say the names properly.


We read a story about Floppy  chasing rabbits in the mud and how he had to have a bath to get clean.  Afterwards Floppy was clean but everyone else was muddy!