St Andrew’s Tower

When Mr Wilson visited Primary 2 he told us about St Andrew’s Tower in Peebles. Then we realised we can actually  see it from our playground.

Today we did a study of St Andrew’s Tower using felt pen. Once we were happy with our line drawings we coloured or towers in using different tones of oil pastels.

We are amazed by the fact that even though we studied the same building our drawings look very different.



Problem solving with boxes

We have been using lots of empty cardboard boxes to build towers, walls and bridges.  We are discovering what makes a strong structure and the importance of size and shape.  Here is a wall built by some pupils in P2B.  How strong do you think it is?



p.s. If you have any boxes lying around we’d love a few more large ones (bigger than a cereal box).  Thank you.

Les couleurs

P2B have been learning the names of the colours in French.  We decided to make our art lesson about colour mixing into a French colour mixing activity.

We made colour sums and mixed paint to make new colours then wrote the French colour names when it was dry.

Do you know the answers to these colour sums?

rouge plus jaune égal ____

bleu plus rouge égal ____

noir plus blanc égal ____

Tooth varnishing

P2A have their teeth varnished today – Monday.

P2B have their teeth varnished tomorrow- Tuesday.

Please do not brush teeth the evening your teeth are varnished but, you can start to brush them again the following morning.

Keep up these sparkling smiles, Primary 2 !

Shape monsters

We have been learning about Area in Maths and some of us have created our own shape monsters. Then we counted the squares or used cubes/counters to measure the amount of area they take up.

We can take our learning outdoors and make shape monsters on the playground with chalk then measure the area they take up using our hands and feet.

How can we use the paving bricks to explore Area ?

Fotheringham Bridge

A big thank you to Mrs. Musgrave. We really enjoyed her talk about Fotheringham Bridge in Peebles and the story behind it.

After her talk we began to plan our own stories based on the three Billy Goats’ Gruff. Our stories are set in Pebbles and our characters have to cross a bridge over the River Tweed. Under the bridge there live a range of scary things from trolls to dragons and monsters.