Astronomy visitors

A big thank you to Colin and Alan who kept P2 entertained with a question and answer session about the Sun, Moon and other areas of the Solar System.

We also had the chance to look through a huge telescope.

What do you think we saw?

Here are some questions we asked:

How many stars can we see? Roughly 2 thousand

Do the stars only come out at night? No, they are in the sky all the time. We only see them when the sky is dark.

How cold is the Moon? The Sun heats up the Moon but, it is still too cold for humans to survive there.

How big are stars? Many stars are bigger than the Earth.

What is the Earth made of? The core of the Earth is liquid iron.

How wide is the Sun? About I million Earths could fit inside the Sun.

Fact : The red stars are the coolest and the blue stars are the hottest.

How do the Sun, Moon and Earth move ?

Both classes found out the answer to this question when we formed a bright Sun – wearing our hi-viz vests. Then we had four people in a hoop to represent the Earth and they had to rotate or turn round. On the outside we had one pupil representing the Moon. The Moon circled the Earth and we discovered that it takes a whole month to do this. How long does it take the Earth to rotate around the Sun? It takes a whole year?

After this lesson we made moving picture models to show how the Earth rotates around the Sun and how the Moon rotates around the Earth. We will add labels of facts we know to our pictures then share them with other groups.

Creative calendars

We have been making calendars to use in 2018. Our design was a Sun and Moon and we added lots of interesting patterns. Then we used oil pastels in bright colours for the Sun and cool blues for the Moon. We are looking forward to using them in the year ahead.

Ho Ho Ho !

P2 had a VIP in their classroom today…………..

Santa took some time out from his busy day and personally
delivered presents. We were so excited and we really look forward to playing with the new games he gave us. He even knew what our
Topic was!

A big THANK YOU SANTA for the lovely presents. We really
enjoyed your visit to our classes.

We hope Rudolph was behaving when you returned to the car park.

Nativity stars

P1, P2 and P3 were stars during their Nativity performance yesterday. Well done to everyone – especially to the P3’s who had the main parts in the Nativity.

Thank you also to Mrs Thomson and Mrs Dundas for all their efforts in putting the play together.

The singing has been amazing and everyone looked like they were having so much fun.

Good luck with your final performance this afternoon !