P3B Health Display

Look at our amazing crayons. Every colour is unique, just like us.

We have been learning about our strengths and sharing our talents and the things we enjoy.

We read the story of Invisible Sam and have thought of ways we can talk to ourselves to help us to feel good about ourselves e.g. everyone makes mistakes, I will try harder next time.

Tonight we have taken home a home activity to share our thoughts on what makes us unique with our adults. We are looking forward to seeing the positive things our adults say about us too.


P3B Sustainability Squad Pledge

Our Sustainability Squad asked every class to make a pledge after their Sustainability assembly.

P3B pledged to tell their adults about how long it takes for plastic to rot away and to encourage their adults to recycle plastic.

Each pupil has made a leaflet to take home to explain more about this. Our leaflets will be in our school bags today.

Four leaflets were chosen to give to the Sustainability Squad; Well done Ada, Hope, Willow and Dylan

Bones Bones Bones

Last week P3A and P3B had a visitor come in to talk to us about bones. We held a 3D print of a whale’s ear bone and looked at a tiny skeleton of a mouse in a test tube.  We had lots of questions to ask because we love bones. Some of us want to be scientists when we grow up!