Story planning

 Today Primary 2 were hard at work planning  the beginning , middle and ending of our  stories. We will share our picture plans together and act them out before we write the stories. We tried to add lots of detail to our picture plans and this will help us to write longer stories.

Thinking about our Maths

In Primary 2 we are thinking about our numbers and how we see them. We have learned to loop or circle numbers so that we can see them much easier. We also have to work very closely with our partner and explain our thinking to them. It is fun and many of us did not know that we were actually doing Maths.

Stars in the night sky

The children in Primary 2 have been working with Miss Finlayson and Mrs Musgrave and they have created these amazing starry night sky pictures. We have been colour mixing our paint and then building up a collage with all of our cut out pieces. Don’t they look stunning?