P3 Problem Solving with straws

We had lots of fun today solving the problem Straw Squares. We had 20 straws. The challenge was to make as many squares as possible. The winning group had 82 small squares. We enjoyed finding the hidden squares.  Here are some of our solutions as we tried them out. Look closely ; Are they all squares?

Ask P3B about Loose Parts play today

We had a fantastic time creating vehicles for Mrs. Thomson to travel in using the Loose Parts play. Everyone used their imagination. Mrs. Thomson was impressed by our team work, our imaginative ideas for powering the vehicles and our safe handling of all the equipment. One of the vehicles even moved!! Well done Zander and Jack for that invention.

We are also sure that the Sustainability Squad will be pleased by the tidy cupboard.

Look out for our photos on the Sustainability Squad pinboard.


Challenging our Mindset

We had to build a tower with 6 pieces of newspaper. We got through it by working together. We had to keep on trying. We had to be resilient. We had to help each other, listen to each other, share ideas and come to an agreement.

Some ideas we tried didn’t work.

The challenge was to build the tallest tower that was strong enough to hold a small teddy. Our towers are strong and stable.