Crazy Cress Heads

On Wednesday we made these INCREDIBLE cress heads reusing tights. We added soil and cress seeds and we made hilarious faces by pinching the tights to make noses  and sticking on Googly eyes. Some of us even made ears!! We’re excited  to watch them grow.


By Willow, Amber, Amber, Hughie, Jacob and John


In coding we learned  how each new coding input could change everything in the code. If you did something wrong in the code it wouldn’t work and your code would be unsuccessful.
We also focussed on coding in time to music. This was quite tricky as we had to think about the beats as well as the speed of the music.
By Oscar, Thomas, Riley and Thomas

Cress Seeds

Our cress seeds grew quickly with plenty light and water. We are bringing them home this week to use in the kitchen. The yoghurt pots could then be re-used to grow something else or recycled. 🥬🥗

Grow your own

We have been learning about how to reduce our carbon footprint. We learned that growing your own food can do this so we planted our own cress seeds. We used old yoghurt pots to do this. We are looking forward to seeing the plants grow!

Anti-Litter Campaigns

 We used our knowledge of collage to create some artwork based on a campaign to stop littering. We did it to stop people from littering and dropping rubbish. It was so much fun. Next week we are putting slogans on them.

By Nancy and Thomas

THE TRUE STORY of the ‘Three Little Pigs’

We looked at the true story of the three little pigs.

Alexander T wolf (you would know as the big bad wolf) was mistaken for the bad guy.

We looked at the text to find words/ sentences that made us sympathise for the wolf. He was mistaken for blowing on purpose the little pigs house down but really he just had a cold and wanted some sugar for his granny’s birthday cake.

We also learned about rhetorical questions and what these were.

Do you believe the Big Bad Wolf?

The story is a attached below.

By Tilly and Hope