Creating characters

Primary 2 have been creating their own characters, writing character cards and then making up their own stories about the characters. Mrs Finnie helped us to create our characters then we worked on the writing by using the picture to help us.

We have been surprised by the amount of planning we have had to do but, this has really helped us to get to know our characters and then write longer stories.

This week we will be learning about rough copies and re-drafting to polish up our work.

How did you feel when you had finished re-drafting your writing?

David and Goliath

We took our RME lesson outdoors as it was such a beautiful, sunny day.

We heard the Bible story of David and Goliath and learned the message about being assertive when people are unkind to us.

We had expected Goliath the Giant to win the battle in the story but, were surprised when it was David who was much smaller who won.

We are going to think about times in our own lives when we can use the message from this Bible story.

Strong structures

We have been looking at making strong structures and as part of a Challenge Play session Primary 2 went into the P3/4 playground to build our structures using larger materials. The challenge was not in building the strong structures – it was in the strong wind blowing the foam shapes about as we tried to build.

We needed to work well together and share the materials.

We tested our structures to see if they were strong by pushing, pulling and leaning on them.

Building Bridges by P2B

Mapping our playground by P2B

“We went to the Primary 7’s playground.  We drew what we could see.” Amber

“We were drawing Kingsland from up high.  We got a clipboard and some paper.  We went to the P7s balcony and looked down at the school and nursery.  We drew the slide and things you can jump off.  It was fun.”  Willow

“”I liked drawing a map about the playground from above.”  Ellie

“I learned to draw things from above.  To see the school from above we couldn’t go from a hot air balloon so we had to go from a platform.” Phoebe


Building bridges

Primary 2 have been investigating different materials that would make strong bridges and towers. This is part of their new topic which they want to be about the towers and bridges in Peebles. They went on to test them out and were quite surprised when their structures were not as strong as they thought. So, they are now going to improve their designs and attempt to make them much stronger.