P6 Weekly Review

Another busy week here in P6. We have:

-Revisited addition in maths

-Learned about 3D shapes and created skeletons using matchsticks and plastecine. We had to show resilience in this task.

-Researched Dame Kelly Holmes in order to write a description text next week.

-Learned about the artist Frida Kahlo and have started to create a portrait using her style.

-Continued our class novel and answered literal, evaluative and inferential questions.

-Learned about the importance of honesty and looked at one of Aesop’s Fables, “The boy who cried wolf” to explore this further.

-Focused on the short “i” sound in spelling.

-We looked at tension in science and exploired how tension is important for athletes who run using blades in the paralympics.

Leave a comment below to say one thing you enjoyed this week and why.

Mrs Brown and Mrs Smith

P6 Review of the week

This week has been very busy.

We completed bikeability 1 which was great fun. We are looking forward to them returning in a few weeks.

We have been looking at the art work of Pablo Picasso and started our own self-portrait in the style of cubism. We will post pictures of the display when we are finished.

We have been learning to round large numbers in maths.

We have continued to learn about 2D shapes. We have learned about different types of triangles and their properties.

We researched facts about Ellie Simmonds and wrote a whole class description text based on her life.

We conitnued to read our class novel and designed a new friend to help support Bradley, the main character.

Please comment below to tell us one thing you have really enjoyed this week and one thing you want to work on next week?

Mrs Brown and Mrs Smith




Today we tested our parachutes. Our predictions of the larger parachute falling in the slowest time were correct.
We discovered the importance of carrying out a fair experiment. A few of us found this altered our results.

How a parachute works…

Today we tested our parachutes that we made last week. The size of each parachute varied but everything else was kept the same. We wanted to know how air resistance would work on each parachute and whether size mattered.

We thought the bigger parachutes would be slower as there was more air resistance working on the surface area and we thought the tiny parachutes would go fast.

We found that the tiny parachutes were faster because there was less air resistance. However we found that the bigger parachutes didn’t open the same as the others and therefore the surface area was smaller and that made it not fall as slowly. The best parachutes were the middle range because they opened up and allowed for the air resistance to act.

Take a look at our videos below…

P7/6 Weekly Update…

This week we have been very busy…

  • We learned about place value and 2D shapes. We made shape pictures and described these using their properties. Our partners had to draw these on their IPads and see if they had followed the instructions correctly.
  • We also learned about the Paralympic games and have made a poster with key features about these. We now know that the Paralympic was established in 1948 and now it features athletes from all around the world.
  • Today we learned about Pablo Picasso and Cubism. Cubism is a form of art where the an object or person is painted from different angles on one picture. Did you know that Picasso’s most expensive painting was over £150 million?!
  • In science we have been talking about friction which is when two surfaces rub together to create a force. We tested cars on different materials to talk about the impact of friction and also air resistance as we made parachutes.
  • We started our Skipper lessons and designed boats for our wall display.

What was your favourite thing and why?


P6 Weekly Review – 3/9/21

We have been super busy this week. Below are some of the things we enjoyed.

-We completed our boat designs to add to Skipper’s river.

-We completed our individual jigsaw piece to add to the class puzzle. Look out for a picture of this soon.

-We completed graffiti art to add to back of our i-pad cases.

-We have revised 2d shapes and some of their properties.

-We learned about parrallel and perpendicular lines. We learned to spot these in real life.

-We started running club after school. This is on Thursday’s at 3:30. Those who went really enjoyed it.

-We learned about friction and air resisitance. We are going to finish experiments next week.

Comment with your thoughts about the following questions below.

-What are you most proud of this week?

-What are you looking forward to learning more about?