P6 Weekly Review

Another busy week here in P6. We have:

-Revisited addition in maths

-Learned about 3D shapes and created skeletons using matchsticks and plastecine. We had to show resilience in this task.

-Researched Dame Kelly Holmes in order to write a description text next week.

-Learned about the artist Frida Kahlo and have started to create a portrait using her style.

-Continued our class novel and answered literal, evaluative and inferential questions.

-Learned about the importance of honesty and looked at one of Aesop’s Fables, “The boy who cried wolf” to explore this further.

-Focused on the short “i” sound in spelling.

-We looked at tension in science and exploired how tension is important for athletes who run using blades in the paralympics.

Leave a comment below to say one thing you enjoyed this week and why.

Mrs Brown and Mrs Smith

45 thoughts on “P6 Weekly Review”

  1. I enjoyed the Frida Kahlo art because it was fun to start a skeleton version of a character of my choosing, and I am very excited to finish it!

  2. This week as a class we have been having lots of fun. I have enjoyed playing hockey in P E ,doing shapes in maths and i have notice my art skills have improved. So i think every thing has been just as good.

  3. I enjoyed doing the Frida Kahlo and making a skeleton of myself because you got to be creative with the shapes and colours we used to make it🙂

  4. This Week I’ve Really Enjoyed Doing The Skeleton Art By Frida Kahlo & Learning About Dame Kelly Holmes Because The Skeleton Look Spooky Looking & Learning About Different Paralympian’s & Olympians Is Really Cool.

  5. This week I enjoyed art because we started skeletons and I also enjoyed writing because we are doing Olympians and Paralympians like Dame Kelly Holmes.

  6. I enjoyed doing the skeletons we will finish it next week but it was fun and leaning about Frida Kahlo and her husband who made the skeletons. Dame Kelly Holmes a Olympic player I enjoyed writing about her it was fun doing it

  7. I enjoyed Dame Kelly Holmes writing because it was fun Learning
    About what she does .

    I also enjoyed making the 3D shapes out of card But some of them where very tricky because we didn’t have the shape to trace.

    I’m really excited for next weak to learn new things!!

  8. I have enjoyed doing the Dame Kelly Holmes writing because I learnt about people that I haven’t known and I’m really enjoying my writing.

    I have enjoyed doing the class novel as well because I have never had a class novel in ages.

  9. I really loved the Frida Kahlo portraits and can’t wait to finish them I enjoyed them so mush because I love wildlife therefor like her work and find it calming.

  10. I really enjoyed writing about Dame Kelly Holmes because it’s really fun writing notes one day and then writing a whole piece of writing the next day!

    I really am enjoying making the story boy who cried wolf on book creator because its fun being creative by getting clip art of google and drawing and writing the plot line!

  11. I loved making 3D shapes and I loved the standard written sums we have done in maths. I really hope we get to do more things like it.

  12. I enjoyed learning about the 3D shapes and learning all of there different names I also enjoyed when our teacher was describing a shape and we had to try name it. Also I enjoying doing the Skelton art that we had to do today because we get to make look like ourselves.

  13. I have enjoyed reading the novel because it is really interesting and I have also enjoyed making the boy who cried wolf comic on book creator.

  14. I really enjoyed maths this weak and I did well with the + 100ths.

    I really struggle with practical maths.

    The novel grasps my soul every time we read it or another word is hooks me and places me.

  15. I have enjoyed this week the 3D shapes and the writing we have been doing. I have also enjoyed the Art because in has very fun and exciting.

  16. I have enjoyed doing the 3D shapes and making them out of paper.I also enjoyed doing the art and making and cutting out the skeletons.I also liked doing the standard writing method.

  17. I have enjoyed doing writing this week because I have tried really hard to make it great and have added amazing describing words.I have also enjoyed maths as well because I have learned new strategies to help me.

  18. I enjoy doing the Dame Kelly Homes because it really interesting finding out amazing things about olympians and to see how they came so far to lead up to doing what their were doing.

    I also really enjoyed doing the boy who cried wolf because it is really exciting to do because it is fun to search up stuff and make your own comic.

  19. I have enjoyed writing because I liked it when we did lots of paralympians and Olympians and then write about them

  20. I have really enjoyed PE because I have learnt a lot about hockey and how to play. I have also enjoyed art inspired by friedo kahlo

  21. I enjoyed making the boy who cried wolf because it was fun to make and and the 3D shapes because I learned new shapes.

  22. I really like art from Frida Chalo because I love art I and it was really fun.I also love doing maths rounding and finding the missing number.

  23. I have enjoyed the novel because it is funny and it has different emotions throughout the hole story. I have all so enjoyed art because we are making skeleton art.

  24. I really enjoyed making my skeletons because it was fun making them and designing them!

    I really am enjoying the novel because it’s very emotional at the moment. Why is it so sad!?

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