Born in a Barn

P1, P2 and P3 have been practising their Nativity ‘Born in a Barn’ and are excited about showing it to their grown ups, family members and friends. P3 do all the acting and P1 and P2 help with the singing and get to sing a song all by themselves.   Keep looking for some pictures of our show.

Our ‘Seeing in the Dark’ Experiment

Our teachers asked us a question – Can you see in the dark?  We had a discussion to find out what we thought the answer might be.

Some of us thought YES we could because our eyes would eventually get used to the dark and then we would see.

Some of us thought NO we wouldn’t see because there would be no light in the dark place so you wouldn’t be able to see and you would need a torch to see.

Some of us weren’t sure.

How could we find out the answer?

We decided that we had to find a dark place in the school to that we could find out.  We thought it had to be somewhere that no light could get in.  Not the classroom because even with the blinds closed you could see light coming in.  Not the cupboard because we couldn’t all fit in and the light came on automatically.

We decided a good place would be Mrs Fletcher’s PE cupboard.  It was big enough to fit us all in and had no windows in it.

Everyone got into the cupboard and sat down with the lights still on. Then we had a count down and switched off the lights.  Could we see?

No we couldn’t.  We couldn’t see anything.  One of our teachers turned on a red and blue night light and we could see the colours but as soon as it was switched off we couldn’t see again.  Can you see us?

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