P6 Review of the week

This week has been very busy.

We completed bikeability 1 which was great fun. We are looking forward to them returning in a few weeks.

We have been looking at the art work of Pablo Picasso and started our own self-portrait in the style of cubism. We will post pictures of the display when we are finished.

We have been learning to round large numbers in maths.

We have continued to learn about 2D shapes. We have learned about different types of triangles and their properties.

We researched facts about Ellie Simmonds and wrote a whole class description text based on her life.

We conitnued to read our class novel and designed a new friend to help support Bradley, the main character.

Please comment below to tell us one thing you have really enjoyed this week and one thing you want to work on next week?

Mrs Brown and Mrs Smith



44 thoughts on “P6 Review of the week”

  1. I liked cubism because it was fun to colour and draw.
    Next week I wanna work on rounding because it was a bit tricky.

  2. I enjoyed bike ability because I like to spend the day biking. I want to work on 2D shapes because I can’t really describe them.

  3. I really enjoyed bikeablety because I really enjoy biking and going outside. I am really exited about going to the race because I love running.

  4. I really enjoyed doing the Pablo Picasso pictures because it was fun using the bright colours. I would like to work on my hockey skills for next week so I can play better. 😀

  5. I have enjoyed bikeability this week because we got to spend the whole day outside on bikes.

    Next week I would like to work on rounding because I found it a little hard.

  6. I have really enjoyed doing art this week because it’s my favourite subject. Next week I am looking forward to finish my art.

  7. I have really enjoyed the cubism art even though we started it only today, because I love art. I also really enjoyed bikeability because I learned how to ride a bike. I would like to work on handwriting because I do not think I am very good at it.

  8. I have enjoyed rounding high numbers and then adding them because maths is my favourite subject and I like to challenge myself.

    I would like to work more on reading because I haven’t fully understood P E A yet.

  9. I have enjoyed doing the art and learning about Pablo pacassio because it truly is my natural art style. I want to work on listening (but just a little bit more 🙂 )

  10. I relied Love doing Pablo Picasso because I love culling and drawing the person and drawing the shapes on the back round. It looks cool so far.

  11. I really enjoyed bike ability because we was outside in the hot and I can’t wait to do it again . I need work on maths because it was tricky and I need more practice.

  12. I enjoyed bikeability I am looking forward to do bikeability again because it was fun. I least liked it art because it’s not my style.

  13. This week I have loved bike ability because I was on the bike for the whole day. Next week I want to work on hand writing because I want to get a handwriting pen.😁

  14. I really liked bike ability because I liked that we got to spend the day outside and. I am very exited about Grangemouth because I love running. I want to work on rounding.

  15. I have really enjoyed bike ability because I love biking.
    I want to work on my rounding because the tens, hundreds, thousands placements were tricky.

  16. I really enjoyed doing bike ability because I got to play on bikes all day and we got tons of fresh air! I want to work on my listening and attention in class.😊

  17. I enjoyed bike ability because I never no how to ride a bike and the novel because we got to design a new friend for Bradley want to Werk on my maths

  18. I enjoyed doing art on Picasso because it was fun to do all the shapes in the face. I want to work more on PEA because it was more difficult than other things we’ve done I I don’t completely understand it.

  19. I really enjoyed rounding because I love doing mathematics. I would like to work on speeding all my subjects because I often have a lot to finish.

  20. This week I really enjoyed doing bike abilitiy because I was out side. I really want to work on using my breaks on my bike more often.

  21. I liked bike abltiy because we got to stay outside all day. I want to lrane more about 2d shape because it was hard doing the angles. I am looking a forward to go to ranning.

  22. My favourite thing this week was bikeability because I got to bike all day. The thing I want to work on next week is rounding because I found it a-bit hard😁

  23. I liked learning about Pablo Picasso and doing my cubism art in class because I got to draw and colour it I would like to get faster at my maths.

  24. I Enjoyed Making Cubism Art & Rounding Numbers Because I Thought The Cubism Was Quite Interesting & Fascinating & I Really Enjoy Maths More Than Any Subject In Kingsland Primary.

  25. I have really enjoyed cubism for art because we were making are face and it looks really funny and I want to continue next week!?.

  26. I really enjoyed the elusion art this week because when you finish it it looks very good and hurts your head a bit.

    Next week I am looking forward to finishing the cubism picture.

  27. I enjoyed doing bike ability because we learned how to get on a bike safely without being injured on a road when we try to get on because now I know how to get on a bike on the right side.

  28. I really enjoyed bike ability this week because it teaches you how to be safe on the bike and the road. I also can’t wait to be on the road it is so excited and an amazing experience.

  29. I have enjoyed the bike ability and I also liked the kite flying.It was very exciting and I also liked the shape maths.

  30. I’ve liked the art and the whiting we have being doing because the art is very unique and the whiting has been hard.

  31. I love the 2-D shape because it was so fun and learning complicated names. I would like to achieve rounding for next week.

  32. I really enjoyed doing cubism because it’s so fun not having to make things look realist.

    I would like to work on more friction! It’s so cool learning about friction because it all makes sense!

  33. I enjoyed making our own blades and decorate them it was really fun.
    Next week I would like to learn more math because it was tricky this week.

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