Weekly Review – W/B 15th November

Another busy week in P6….

-We have been learning about the animals that live in the understorey and canopy layers of the jungle. We carried out more research and wrote and information report using our notes.

-We researched snakes and choose one species to recreate using paper plates. They look amazing hanging in our class.

-We have been learning about factors and multiples in maths. We also explored prime numbers and what makes them special.

-For book week we read a story called “The Last Wolf” and then predicted where the main character would be in 50 years time. It made us think about the important issue of sustainability again.

What was your favourite part of the week and why?


38 thoughts on “Weekly Review – W/B 15th November”

  1. I have enjoyed doing the snake art because I made it has lots of detail and it was really fun. I also enjoyed doing the drugs and alcohol topic because I got to learn about drugs and things you should never take from someone.

  2. My Highlights For This Week Have Been When We Did The Snakes Using Pointallism & Researched About Animals On The Understory+Canopy Because Pointallism Is A Interesting Type Of Art & Researching Stuff Is The Key For Life.

  3. This week I liked painting the snakes because they had to be accurate and detailed .I also enjoyed watching the bullying video because I liked watching the people act.This week has been very fun and I’m excited to start a whole new week.🤩

  4. My favourite part of the week was doing our snake pointillism art because I enjoyed doing all the detail and it is looking really effective with all the dots.

  5. I enjoyed doing the pointillism even tho mine wasn’t the best it was really fun. And doing the anti-bullying week

  6. My favourite part of the week was doing the pointillism because it was fun working with Eva and I enjoyed having to paint tiny little dots which would come out looking really cool.

  7. My favourite part of the week was the pointillism art that we did and doing maths because I’ve got a lot better at it.

  8. This week I have enjoyed getting the stick insects out and holding them.It was really exciting.I have also enjoyed doing the pointillism art with the snakes.I really enjoyed it.I have also enjoyed doing our standard written method maths in times tables.I really liked doing it.

  9. My favourite part of this was the drugs and alcohol and seeing Mrs Smiths new cat because drugs are important to learn for adult hood and Percy (Mrs Smiths cat)is very cute.

  10. I enjoyed doing our pointilism art and holding our stick insects also adding to our wall display and doing fun games in pe with mr harkens.

  11. I enjoyed doing they pointillism art snakes it was very fun at the end when you did your background with a cotton wool bud it was a very quick and easy idea of Mrs Smith. I also enjoyed doing our rainforest animals we all did different ones I did a black widow spider because I think it looks like it is a warning with its red timer looking thing on its back.

  12. I love the pointillism because it was so fun and cool. & I love the drugs and alcohol because it was teaching us how to say no to drugs and alcohol.

  13. My favourite things this week have been the snakes because I really enjoyed painting the and making the markings on the body. I also enjoyed P.E because mr harkins is very fun and played lots and lots of games.

  14. My favourite bit was doing the snake 🐍 and the sloth.because I love art 🖼 and i like pitting.I enjoy doing PE with mr Harkins it was fun playing game with him and I am ready to start I new week.

  15. I enjoyed editing the picture for the book we are doing as a school. I enjoyed it because it was lots of fun and great time to problem solve.

  16. I enjoyed starting and almost finishing a sloth ,and creating a yellow anaconda with cool dots and hoops. I also enjoyed learning about factors and prime numbers because I used to have no clue what it was.

  17. I enjoyed the pointillism because it was very calming and fun.
    I love the writing it’s amazing I’m writing about the rainforest sloth I’ve finished my writing already😇
    In maths I struggle but when I ask for help and I get it I’m like a meteor dominating my jotter.

  18. I really enjoyed making the snakes out of paper plates. They look great hanging in classroom and I am excited to see some more go up next week! 😁

  19. I really enjoyed making the poison dart frogs because it was fun making bit by bit and then gluing it together. I also enjoyed making the snakes because it so fun blending blending colours . Really exited about starting next week 😆.

  20. I have enjoyed making the snakes because they were accurate and exiting and I also enjoyed watching the last wolf because it was very exiting how the bear and its friends helped little red get home.😄😁

  21. My favourite part of the week was making the paper snakes because we got to recreate our chosen species with paint. I also enjoyed our reading task of “The Last Wolf” because it was fun to think of what the next two pages might be! 😁

  22. My favourite part of the week was drawing our sloths and colouring them in because we got to do that with oil pastels and we haven’t done that in a while.

  23. I really enjoyed French this week because you get to learn about a new language and because I like the new teacher. I am looking forward to next week.😀

  24. The last wolf was my favourite this week because it was fun to watch and I learned not to cut down to many trees I have also enjoyed painting the snakes because because you had to mix the paint and be very careful.

  25. The favourite thing that I have done this week is art. This weeks art is based on the Amazon rainforest. I liked this topic because it made me think about the colouring and sketching the outlines.🎨🖌

  26. I liked learning about the drugs and alcohol because I now know how to say no to them and I loves seeing mrs smith’s new kitten.

  27. This week I enjoyed the snake art because it was fun to paint a snake species I didn’t know of. I also enjoyed the sloth art because sloths are incredible and interesting animals.

  28. I enjoyed making the 2 last Pages of the last wolf 🐺 because I like to imagine what it woo be like in 50 years time and to drawin it that style of the that the Author that’s it.😊

  29. I enjoyed painting the snakes because the patterns were interesting. I also enjoyed writing because I like learning about spider monkeys. This week was good.

  30. My favourite thing this week Is making snakes because I really like painting the front and back.Also making the lines for the snake.This week has been very fun and am looking forward for next week.

  31. My personal favourite thing some of us did this week was the spectacular maths game that the group Octagons (the name of a maths group) did. The game had a grid with the numbers 1-25 on it, you had 4 number: 1,2,3 and 21. Your job was to make a line with these numbers however, you could only form a line if the numbers on the grid was a factor of the number that you put on it. This was a great game and I was really challenged to do it. I can’t wait for another fabulous week!

  32. This week my favourite thing that we did was the pointillism on the snakes because it took patience and some bits of it was quiet and you could tell that everyone was concentrating and they turned out so good and I loved seeing occasionally pictures of Percy mrs smiths kitten.

  33. I enjoyed writing because it was very peaceful with no shouting when we were doing it. I also thought the art was fun because it was very small details.

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